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February 2024

A Debt Owed, Not a Handout: Detroit’s Role in the Reparations Movement

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This video essay serves as a poignant testament to Detroit’s pivotal contribution to the reparations movement, highlighting the enduring struggle for human rights and social justice. Through the narratives of esteemed figures such as The Honorable John Conyers, Reparations Ray Jenkins, and the Honorable Rev. Dr. JoAnn Watson,

it delves into the harrowing experiences of Black Americans throughout history. Produced by Khary Frazier, the film employs editing, cinematography, sampling, and animations to craft a compelling narrative.

Other Detroiters Highlighted are Chris Alston, Milton Henry (Gaidi Obadele), Cicero Love, Chokwe Lumumba, Imari Obadele, Rosa Parks, and Betty Shabazz

Acknowledgments: Executive Produced by the City of Detroit Reparations Task Force & Detroit is Different Special thanks to all participants: Kwazi Akwamu, Mike Anderson, Ken Coleman, John Conyers III, Dr. Monica Conyers, Janis Hazel, Ricardo Jenkins, Jamon Jordan, Cecily McClellan, and Judge Deborah Thomas.

Music Credits: Lyrics by Khary WAE Frazier Music Production by Joe Black, Ian Sherman, Nick Speed, and Sterling Toles

Donna Givens Davidson and Orlando Bailey talk Community Led Political Leadership

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Join Authentically Detroit as they venture into the heart of Detroit is Different for an enriching conversation delving into the profound legacy of Donna Givens Davidson’s family in Black activism, organizing, and the pursuit of freedom and justice. Hosts Orlando Bailey and Donna Givens Davidson delve into the essence of community empowerment in Detroit’s Black community, drawing upon Donna’s revelations about her father’s struggles as a Black physician during times of inequality, and her grandmother’s influential role in international nation-building and human rights advocacy. Reflecting on the legacy of the Honorable JoAnn Watson as a beacon of political empowerment, Donna and Orlando emphasize the importance of amplifying voices and fostering stronger ties between local political leadership and the community. This episode serves as a compelling discourse on practical steps towards fostering a grassroots, community-centered reality in Detroit. Authentically Detroit, a weekly podcast, offers insightful discussions with guests on the forefront of Detroit’s community engagement, providing an unfiltered perspective on issues impacting the city’s residents.

Faith in Works is Teen Hype & Ambra Redrick has been a Witness

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For over two decades, Teen Hype & Ambra Redrick have challenged the age-old notion of children being seen and not heard. Ambra candidly shares her journey co-founding Teen Hype on Detroit is Different, tracing back to her upbringing by her nurturing grandparents in a Leave it to Beaver style household. Transitioning into motherhood as a teenager in high school, Ambra’s reality took a significant turn, leading her to discover her purpose in connecting with people and giving back to her community through various roles including social work and the Department of Corrections. Returning to her alma mater, Cooley High School, marked the inception of Teen Hype’s whirlwind journey, which has since empowered tens of thousands of Detroiters with a deeper understanding of the world and themselves. Now celebrating two decades of impact, Teen Hype engages middle and high school students across Metro-Detroit, offering transformative experiences through theater, peer groups, and interactive sessions that equip young people with knowledge on sex, relationships, community engagement, and self-discovery.

Good Cakes and Bakes is much more than where you get your Favorite cupcakes, its community and entrepreneurial excellence from April Anderson’s team

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Good Cakes and Bakes is more than just a bakery; it’s a cornerstone of community spirit, innovation, and delectable treats along the Avenue of Fashions. With its recent expansion into downtown Detroit in 2023, Good Cakes and Bakes now offers an array of savory delights, artisanal coffees, and unique sweets that are exclusive to each location. For April Anderson, this expansion marked a realization of her dreams and prompted a reevaluation of the business’s operational strategies. In this Detroit is Different interview, we delved into the intricacies of managing and marketing a quick-service restaurant, revealing our shared enthusiasm for industry dynamics. This conversation also explored the nuances of operating in downtown Detroit compared to running a neighborhood establishment. April provided invaluable insights into assessing one’s business position and recognizing opportune moments for strategic pivots. Central to April’s philosophy is the recognition of time as a precious asset. Leveraging time effectively is instrumental in achieving the exceptional service quality synonymous with Good Cakes and Bakes. This interview is a treasure trove of lessons for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, understanding market shifts, and maximizing resources to elevate business performance.

KUA, gifted in divinity connected through the Shrine of the Black Madonna for Dr. Shelley McIntosh

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Learn about KUA and much more from Dr. Shelley McIntosh, an educator who has dedicated decades to shaping young Black minds in empowerment and community. From her roots as a preacher’s kid on Detroit’s Eastside to her education at Southeastern HS and Wayne State University, Dr. McIntosh shares her journey and how it led her to find purpose within the Shrine of the Black Madonna. As one of the founding members of the Houston TX Church, she delves into her commitment to the church’s mission as a space for the development of both people and community. In this interview, Dr. McIntosh shares the values instilled in her by the vision and leadership of Pastor Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman (Albert Cleage).

Hip-hop drives Every form of Media Dean Beanz Knows

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Dean Beanz, the visionary behind EVRY Media, serves as its owner and creator. EVRY Media is a dynamic content creation firm specializing in crafting cinematic pieces across various media platforms. Dean wears multiple hats as the host, director, and producer of the LateAF talk show, as well as the director and producer of the EVRY Woman Talk Show. His creative journey ignited from a deep love for hip-hop, evolving into an exploration of music creation. In this interview, we delve into the nuanced aspects of Dean’s creativity, exploring how his relentless drive led him to venture into realms such as rap, graphic design, and ultimately, hosting cinematic talk shows. To witness the culmination of his artistic endeavors, be sure to check out and subscribe to EVRY TV+ on YouTube today. Immerse yourself in this captivating Detroit is Different interview with the talented Khary Frazier.

Legacy Black Detroit runs deep in Christianne Malone roots to Georgia, Alabama, Westside & Eastside

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Christianne Malone is deeply rooted in Detroit, having spent her childhood just blocks away from Belle Isle and regularly visiting her grandparent’s house in the Westside Linwood neighborhood. Today, as the Chief Program Officer at TechTown Detroit and Assistant Vice President for Economic Development at Wayne State University, she plays a crucial role in providing significant opportunities for local entrepreneurs and fostering creativity in business. Her professional journey commenced at the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, where she discovered the immense value of networking, not only for herself but for countless others, introducing them to various opportunities. Beyond her professional pursuits, Malone is passionate about lacrosse, actively coaching and mentoring on the field. Known as an “Encyclopedia kid,” she possesses an insatiable thirst for information, considering it a core value. Dive into the insights of this Detroit is Different interview with Khary Frazier as they explore Malone’s multifaceted contributions and her profound connection to the city.

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