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October 2022

Black Enterprise, 2000’s Blogging, and Internet Radio all in the Quincy Q Lewis Story

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E Block Radio is one of the many media offerings by Quincy Q Lewis. What started as fun between friends has become a staple in Detroit podcasting. Lewis has experience in journalism that goes back to Black Enterprise and being mentored by the late great Mr. Earl Graves. Lewis shares his journey from Martin Luther King Jr. Sr high school football, to journalism today. Eastern Michigan University, Charles Woodson, 911, CNN, Podcasting for Black people, and so much more are all shared. Lewis is a big voice in podcasts and opens up about how and why Detroit is Different. 

Detroit Bus in the 1980s and 1990s with Charles Wilson

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Charles Wilson joins Detroit is DIfferent to discuss the Detroit Department of Transportation bus system in the 1980s and 1990s. Wilson shares how as a Vietnam vet, he navigated beyond that to sustain his family. He shares stories from famous routes like Fenkell, Woodward, Dexter, and Gratiot. Wilson also opens up about how Detroit’s poor busing route system kept many passengers from arriving to work on time. Learn the difference between Chicago, New York, and LA bus systems. The agreement between SMART bus and Detroit. It was an interesting and insightful interview with Mr. Wilson.

Beyond Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Yusef Bunchy Shakur and Dr. Carl Taylor

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Detroit is Different partnered with Community Movement Builders and the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion to host a Juneteenth discussion featuring Dr. Carl Taylor and Yusef Bunchy Shakur. This event was insightful; the discussion challenged both Shakur and Dr. Taylor to define the role of DEI in our community.

Ukraine at War with Russia & how NATO, the US, and Nazism are involved in this conflict

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Earlier this year, I partnered with Riverwise Magazine to interview Russ Bellant about the relationship between Ukraine and Nazism. Bellant is an author and scholar that has studied the impacts of Nazism worldwide. His perspective opened the lens of how to view the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Since our initial interview, conflicts have flared on both sides, with many people being murdered and injured, homes and structures damaged, and the other impacts of war.

This interview updates on what is happening now in this conflict. Covered are the following topics, all interrelated:

Estimate of War timeline
State of Ukraine
State of Russia
State of NATO
European leaders and citizens regarding this War
Russia annexed the Ukrainian provinces into parts of Russia (seaports of the Black Sea)
Russia and the threat of nuclear arms
America’s honesty about Russia
The Russian Army reach
China & Taiwan
Where does America stand in international diplomacy?
Nordstrom Pipeline 1 & 2
America’s bombing of Somalia, Uganda, & Sudan
Thousands of American National Guard troops (from NY & WI) are being deployed into the horn of Africa (Somalia & Ethiopia)
the BRICS system (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa)
New Russian & Chinese currencies backed by the gold standard

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