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July 2020

Attorney Amale Knox on Listening creating Opportunity

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Amale Knox assists with getting people much needed Social Security benefits. There are many people unable to work facing disabilities physically and mentally. Attorney Knox is a resource for these people. She shares her journey into this work and why she stays dedicated to the work. She also opens up about attending Cass Tech and U of M. A lifetime learner and listener Attorney Knox opens up about her motivations. Listen to her path from the Eastside of Detroit through her career today.

M Squared the Emcee AKA Madison the Student

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Madison is also known as M Squared and performs Hip-hop. Her love for performance grew from performing for her family. Today she charts on Spotify with a mix of songs about being confident, growing up, and her style. Madison shares her perspective on balancing school and performance. Also, she speaks about her work with Mosaic Youth Theater. Madison also talks about how COVID-19 impacted her school year and how as a 12-year-old she handled it all. The discussion is also a deeper talk about the role of hip-hop and women for a young woman growing up like Madison.

Monda Mims of Twice Ah Child Reborn Nursery

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Monda Mims is a true creative. Living blocks away from Detroit is Different incubator Monda is making lifelike infant dolls selling across the nation and world. What began as an interest has become a business. Today people call, request, and ask for Monda to make dolls in memory of their lost children, grown children, and for those who can’t have children themselves. Monda’s creativity began in fashion as a teenager customizing her clothes with cuts, glitter, and airbrush. When her family wondered why Monda was building a grander vision. This is also a discussion on building a business while working and engaging a customer base. Her experience as a stylist for years is explored as to how to grow business. This is a fun and eye-opening discussion into a world of arts I knew nothing of.

Miguel of Sno-Hut

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Miguel was born in Mississippi and as a child made his way to Detroit. Growing in Detroit in the late 1970s and 80s he navigated a new reality in the world of the Urban metropolis through the landscape of the phenomenon which crack cocaine swept Black communities nationwide. Incarcerated his senior year of Central High School Miguel never graduated but learned valuable business lessons that he applies to his properties and Sno-Cone business today. This discussion opens up the relationship between opportunity, street business, and legit business and how learning from each have strengthened Miguel.

Bayan Founas of Writing 4 Freedom

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Bayan Founas is an educator. The Writing 4 Freedom Teen Summer Camp is a vision independently funded and started by Bayan and community support. The Camp takes place at Nandi’s Knowledge Café every Thursday from July 4 pm – 7 pm and is free for all participants. Bayan’s commitment to creativity and camp is her connection to enjoying Summers in the mosque sharing camps with friends and family. This interview explores her interest, passion, and works in social justice and poetry. She shares how being a teacher in Harper Woods was the gateway to her creative voice in spoken word poetry. This is an interview that delves into history deep as well.

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