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February 2022

Haitian Spirit is available to the World through LS Cream Liqueur

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Haitian culture is filled with flavors, tastes, and beautiful spirits. Myriam Jean-Baptiste and her husband welcomed the world to their family’s Haitian tradition of cremas. The taste is rich and wins over hearts. The mix of coconut, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon with a blend of fresh cream and neutral grain spirits is something new. Her LS Cream Liqueur was beloved at the inaugural Taste of Black Spirits event at Detroit’s Garden Theater Saturday, February 19, 2022. Learn more in the interview here on Detroit is Different.

LS Cream Liqueur | | Montreal, Quebec, CA | Instagram: @LScreamliquer

Black Businessmen connecting in France to produce a Cognac with Lil’ Boosie

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Cognac is a drink that has fills bars, restaurants, and events that welcome Black nightlife in America. The reality is the liquor is only produced in the cognac region of France, where very few Black people live, and fewer Black Americans produce the liquor. Steve ‘Stevo’ Love has partnered with famed rapper Lil’ Boosie to create a cognac with 100% Black ownership. This is a rare reality in the world spirits, challenging industry to navigate in America, and the brothers have come together for an international business venture. Mercadier cognac is named the famed French warrior and is now represented by Lil’ Boosie. Learn about this unique venture and Steve Love’s Midnight Love wine, Ricardo Moore tequila, and more in this interview. Steve represented his business, Love’s Celebrity Brands, well at the inaugural Taste of Black Spirits event Saturday, February 19, 2022.

Love’s Celebrity Brands | Mercadier Cognac, Midnight Love Wine, & Ricardo Moore Tequila | Milwaukee, WI | Instagram: @itsjustmoneyent

From Enslavement to Empowerment the Story of Tusk Liquor Brand

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Elephants travel in packs and as a family. The story of the Tusk liquor brand connects deeply to that concept on many levels. Maurice ‘Mo’ Morton shares the story of how land originally purchased after his ancestors’ enslavement created Tusk spirits. After enslavement, Mo’s great 5x grandparents purchased over 50 acres of land stolen through racial discrimination and later returned to the family in 1906. The disconnect from the farm in Halifax, VA, only recently brought the family back to tend the land. Upon wishes of Mo’s grandfather to his living decedent daughter, retired from the federal government and committed to not sale, lease, or lease her family’s land. Today collectively, the family built a hemp farming business that now produces Tusk spirits of vodka and rum. In this interview, hear the dynamic story of ingenuity, family, and entrepreneurship. At the Garden Theater, Tusk was another favorite at the inaugural Taste of Black Spirits event on Saturday, February 19, 2022.

Tusk Spirits Rum & Vodka produced from Hemp seed | | Halifax, VA | Instagram: @tusk_the_brand |

For Kings Not Gods is the Vodka and Whiskey Made in Detroit

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For Kings Not Gods is the brand launched by Greg Martinez Jr. The Southwest Detroit native spent his first career building a growing automotive business and now is into the business of liquor. FKNG will undoubtedly lead to what you think, but it’s a perfect brand for the Whiskey & Vodka that carries the name. Listen to how the brand and business began and is expanding daily. FKNG Vodka & Whiskey took the stage at the inaugural Taste of Black Spirits Saturday, February 19, 2022, at the Garden Theater.

FKNG – For Kings Not Gods Vodka & Bourbon | | Detroit, MI | Instagram: @fkngvodka  @fkngbourbon

Dr. Kenfense Chike shares knowledge from his Ph.D. in African Centered Education & Africana Studies in American Education

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Dr. Kenfense Chike joins Detroit is DIfferent for a fruitful interview about African Centered Education. His personal experience teaching at Aisha Shule and NSOROMA Institute only drove his Ph.D. on the topic. Currently, he is one of the eight instructors leading the Black Education Workshop Series hosted by Alkebu-lan Village every Saturday through March 26, 2022, 8:30 am – 1:30 pm (at Alkebu-lan Village & Online virtually). We discuss the call to action for African Centered Education and the spiritual values, confidence, and knowledge. Dr. Chike also shares what it took for these institutions to start. He provides how his Academia journey began from the Wayne State University protest for Black Studies on campus. How the Aisha Shule’s Pyramid Performing Theater African Drum and Dance supported the students protesting and locking themselves in at WSU sparked his interest. Kenfense explains how African Centered Education is a movement from revolution and the fight for independent schools (Freedom Schools). The Black and Brown people in this land want to build their children up with self-knowledge. Dr. Chike shares the naming brand of Aisha Shule; being a home for ‘the Gifted Child’ was a foundation of value. The spiritual sustenance African Centered Education provides a whole family.

From Dayton to Detroit and the world of music, film, and performance for Tamara Jewel

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Based on a True Story (BOATS) is the ep debut album effort from vocalist Tamara Jewel. Jewel’s vocals lace the soundtrack of many of Detroit’s most known hip-hop anthems (Payroll Giovanni, MJ the Don, and many others) and at the start of 2022 she released her first solo work. In this Detroit is Different interview we explore her start from Dayton OH (another D) to come to Detroit. The choir, church, poetry beginnings that led to her embracing the stage today are what sparked her journey connecting her creativity to the world. Jewel talks about the collective work of writing songs in unions with other artists and how to ensure the business is taken care of. BOATS is Jewel’s personal effort mixing personal experience and artistry to give songs like ‘Mr. Rebound’ and ‘If it Aint Love.’ Jewel’s approach to the studio and work ethic of recording for self and production is her love and science. Finally, learn about Tamara’s love for acting on stage and film as well.

Los Angeles, New York, and Leeds Alabama impact the approach of his art but Devin Laster’s Detroit roots center his Actions

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Watercolors and acrylics are the paints Devin Laster loves. Laster’s Pop Art collection has featured Beyonce, Wolverine, the Obama Family, and many more. His take on colors, shadows, and shapes adds character to all people he captures. In this Detroit is Different feature we explore so much of what has led Devin to his passions. Devin’s first love for acting and performance began while attending Cass Tech learning under the tutelage of the historic Ms. McCormick. Devin shares what he learned then appearing in the Cass Tech production of School Daze and so much more. Devin provides insight on how being present of mind and availability through production has led to more and more opportunities. Living in Los Angeles now and formerly living in New York City, Devin opens up about the New York and Harlem feel. How working on the ‘Sweeter without Sugar’ film provided him a film credit at the age of 17. Finally, Devin talks about his current short film projects connecting him to work with Studio Lumumba and others.

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