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a Collard Green Cook-Off: What, Why, How and with Khary Frazier

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The Collard Green Cook-Off was a cultural experience that connected with hundreds of Detroiters last year. This year, Detroit is Different will expand the experience by adding the Collard Green Cook-Off Playoffs. The Playoffs will be held this Thursday during the Juneteenth Jubilee Celebration, organized by Black Leaders Detroit and led by Sharea Ayers. In this Detroit is Different interview, Khary Frazier is interviewed by Sterling Toles, who explores the idea, concept, and energy of the Collard Green Cook-Off. This engaging and introspective discussion highlights ten years of Detroit is Different and delves into visions for the next decade. Don’t miss this episode of Detroit is Different with Khary Frazier and Sterling Toles.

From the Walk Fashion Show to Oak Park’s School Board to now running for State Representative for Crystal Bailey

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Crystal Bailey’s advocacy for mental and behavioral health on behalf of young people in the juvenile justice center inspired her to run for the Michigan State Representative District 5 position. Her work in the juvenile justice system has given her profound insights into tragic realities, motivating her to take action. In this interview, Bailey shares how her involvement in organizing a fashion show helped her forge deeper community bonds. From being a parent volunteer at her daughter’s school to serving on the school board, Bailey’s journey has enriched her understanding of the community’s needs and the essential changes required to support families in our collective growth. Meet Crystal Bailey on Detroit is Different.

Spoken Word Poetry, Politics, Activism, Organizing, and Detroit all inspire Omari Barksdale

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Omari Barksdale’s roots in Alabama, Palestine, and Detroit’s Westside have instilled in him a profound understanding of resilience, strength, and creativity. Today, he advocates for men to build healthy and constructive relationships with women, shares the factual history of race relations in America through artifacts, and lobbies for equity for all people. His extensive work began with organizing initiatives during his teenage years. Omari discusses the lessons learned from his grandparents and mother, which continue to influence him deeply, and how the Honorable JoAnn Watson shaped his understanding of politics and Pan-African support. This enlightening and impactful discussion includes moments of retrospective laughter. Check out Omari Barksdale on Detroit is Different.

Old Soul with Something you Never Heard before, Drey Skonie

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Faith producing works is an adage often shared in conversation, and Drey Skonie has witnessed it throughout his life. As a soul singer, he adds the feel of hip-hop, funk, house, and dance to the legacy of legends like Eddie Kendricks (of the Temptations), Philippé Wynne (of the Spinners), and Ron Banks (of the Dramatics). Drey stands out with his unique style, and his music reflects the vibe of his band, the Klouds. In this episode of Detroit is Different, we explore how he saw his grandparents build a church from the ground up with church funds and delve into much more of his experiences. Drey, a contestant on MTV’s Making the Band with Diddy, shares insights beyond the infamous cheesecake run, discussing the intricacies of the music industry. He also reveals his vision for his music and style and opens up about his role playing Mr. Entertainment, Jackie Wilson. Check out Drey Skonie on Detroit is Different for a deeper look into his journey.

Understanding our full potential is the Way Constance ‘Ma Spice’ Davis Loves Us All

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Managing people, personalities, and custom fashion stores came naturally to Constance Davis, who opens up about her can’t-lose Homecoming Queen campaign and lifelong knack for people skills and smarts. Her son, Anthony ‘Spice’ Adams, applies similar creativity and genius to grow his brand after an NFL career. We delve into her experience managing high-end fashion stores, working in the Renaissance Center when it first opened, and the faith and realities required to serve as a drug counselor, truly connecting with people in times of need. Meet Constance ‘Ma Spice’ Davis on Detroit is Different.

In the Business of Food with Ederique Goudia

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Louisiana is known for its great food and warm hospitality. Ederique Goudia grew up loving both cooking and tasting a variety of dishes, surrounded by a family deeply rooted in Louisiana culture, where everyone from her mother and father to her aunts, uncles, and cousins cooked. Discovering in high school that she could turn her passion into a career, Ederique has been in the culinary industry ever since. For over 20 years, she has lived in Detroit, witnessing many changes in the city’s culture and cuisine. Dedicated to empowering creative culinary artists, she helps them ensure their businesses meet all necessary expectations to thrive, providing guidance on profit and loss, pricing strategies, and more. Meet Ederique Goudia on this episode of Detroit is Different. Contact Chef Ederique Goudia at

From Football, to Business, to Black Republican to Reparations, Keith Williams shares his Why

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Football was the gateway that took Keith Williams to Eastern Michigan University, where his knack for sales soon took hold. In the 1980s, he was selling business forms and starting a printing company. We explore his transition from the Republican Party to help develop a farmers market of the Lodge Service Drive and Livernois. His love for Black people was his motivation. Keith opens up about a decision he regrets and discusses how politics is fundamentally about interests. He sees Black business and Black ownership as the primary interests at hand.

His Grandmother saw the his future now Tarence Wheeler lives it

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Serving the people was a mission instilled in Tarence Wheeler at a young age by his grandmother. Today, he channels his passion, talents, and skills to inspire everyone, especially young Black individuals, to take initiative in empowering their communities. The Southwestern and Arizona State University basketball star opens up about how basketball was a gateway to opportunities, but his true passion has always been the community. Tarence shares his experiences with the 1980s Detroit PSL team (excluding Southwestern players) and much more about hoops. We also discuss the journey of community work and the commitment it requires. Check out Tarence Wheeler in this edition of Detroit is Different.

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