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Vegan Gumbo, Collard Greens, and the Brewster Projects all connect to Chef Buddah

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Chef Buddah’s journey sounds fascinating, especially with his deep roots in Detroit and his culinary adventures spanning from the Brewster Projects to various esteemed restaurants like Hudsons and the Summit Restaurant. Winning the 2023 Collard Green Cook-Off must have been a proud moment for him. His Vegan Gumbo sounds like a unique culinary experience, combining flavors and spices in a way that reflects his love for Detroit and its diverse food scene. Exploring his story through food is surely a journey worth taking for anyone passionate about food and community.

Local Government and Private Business, Theo Pride talks Macro & Micro Economics impacting Detroit Community

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The longstanding business relationship between Detroit’s municipal government and corporations traces its roots back several decades. Theo Pride, of Detroit People’s Platform, offers insightful analysis, delving into both macro and micro perspectives on the historical trajectory and current dynamics. Through examining entities like the Downtown Development Authority and the significance of Community Benefits Agreements, alongside considerations of resident empowerment, we gain a comprehensive understanding of this complex landscape. This discussion serves as a crucial framing for understanding ongoing developments and fostering balanced expectations among residents and corporations alike. Tune in to the Detroit is Different feature with Theo Pride for a deeper exploration.

From tall grass to opportunity to a whole community, Katrina Watkins and Bailey Park NDC

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Katrina Watkins was spurred to action by the sight of grass towering over people in her neighborhood, propelling her to instigate change. Transitioning from passive waiting for city intervention to proactive engagement, she founded the Bailey Park Neighborhood Development Corporation, now a beacon of hope on Detroit’s Eastside. A true Detroiter, Katrina lives and breathes the transformation of her community, epitomizing grassroots empowerment and community-driven change. In this insightful Detroit is Different feature, we delve into the tangible impact of her work, from revitalizing landscapes to fostering holistic neighborhood growth. Experience the inspiring journey with Katrina Watkins as she navigates the landscape of real community empowerment in Detroit.

Building Opportunity for the Community at AGI, Luis Ali and Tanya Saldivar-Ali

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Embark on a journey to Southwest Detroit with Luis Ali and Tanya Saldivar-Ali on Detroit is Different, where Mexican American culture thrives and community empowerment is at the heart of everything. Through decades of experience and observation, Tanya witnessed the resilience of her mother as she owned and operated a neighborhood bar, sustaining their family against all odds. Meanwhile, Luis’s military service provided him with invaluable insights beyond the borders of Southwest Detroit. As their relationship flourished, so did their entrepreneurial endeavors, culminating in the leadership of AGI Construction. This captivating episode explores the intricate intersections of society, background, access, opportunity, and culture within one of Detroit’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Join us as we traverse through Italy, Atlanta, and Florida, before returning home to the vibrant streets of Southwest Detroit, guided by the inspiring journey of Luis and Tanya.

Black Philanthropy and a Family that Gives, Collin Mays

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Join Collin Mays on Detroit is Different as he delves into the transformative power of philanthropy within the Black community. With a focus on inclusivity, Collin explores how Black philanthropists have long been instrumental in enhancing the quality of life for their fellow community members, whether through supporting education, churches, food banks, or public spaces. Drawing from his own Detroit roots and family background—his father an architect and mother an attorney—Collin offers a personal narrative interwoven with broader themes of tradition, history, and urban planning. Through candid reflections, he shares how his journey towards physical health and mental resilience parallels his vision for strong, empowered neighborhoods. Additionally, Collin sheds light on the invaluable role of friendship in the life of a Black man. Tune in to Detroit is Different for insightful conversations that celebrate and uplift the spirit of community and philanthropy.

The Queen Hip-hop Poetry jessica Care moore

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The Queen Hip-hop Poetry is from Detroit, jessica Care moore. A true embodiment of the city’s spirit she puts forth a Blue Collar attitude towards poetry. From her roots in blue-collar Detroit to her diverse talents spanning poetry, music, activism, and art, jessica Care moore is a force to be reckoned with. Join her as she delves into her deep connection with hip-hop, literature, and community activism, offering unique insights into justice, culture, and family dynamics. This feature highlights many legends of Detroit culture that have passed on: Amp Fiddler (Funk/Soul), Legacy (Spoken Word Poetry), J Dilla (Hip-hop), Proof (Hip-hop), Baatin (Hip-hop), JoAnn Watson (Social Justice) Chokwe Lumumba (Social Justice) and her Father. This interview also travels the world because that is the eclectic nature of jessica Care moore. Meet jessica Care moore on Detroit is Different. Follow her journey on Instagram: @jessicacaremoor and @wearescorpio

Mrs. Michigan is an advocate for Black Mental Health, Latrice Delgado-Macon

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Embark on a journey of empowerment and resilience with Latrice Delgado-Macon, the founder of Detroit Fashion Community and a passionate advocate for Black Mental Health, as she shares her remarkable story on Detroit is Different. With a rich family history in fashion design and modeling, Latrice’s mission is to foster creativity and innovation within the fashion community, empowering individuals to discover their unique voices. From organizing confidence-boosting fashion shows at Wayne State University to her ventures in film styling, luxury store openings, and fashion walks, Latrice’s experiences exemplify strength in adversity. Join us as Latrice opens up about overcoming grief and emerging with unwavering confidence. As a mother, wife, and business leader, she’s now setting her sights on winning the title of Mrs. Universe this summer, embodying the spirit of determination and possibility. Follow Latrice Delgado-Macon on Instagram @latricedelgadomacon for more insights into her journey and the world of fashion.

Detroit and U of M are the cultures that represent Feodies Shipp

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Feodies Shipp III, hailing from Detroit’s Bagley neighborhood, holds a deep appreciation for both the vibrant culture of the University of Michigan and the rich tapestry of Detroit. With roots entrenched in family ties to Hartford Memorial Baptist Church and the Great Plains, Feodies’ journey encompasses his formative years at U of M in the 90s to his current roles, including spearheading operations at the University of Michigan Detroit Center. Having traversed the nation while representing the university at college fairs, Feodies brings a nuanced understanding of American culture to his role. Today, as the host of the Distinctly Detroit Podcast, he engages in discussions spanning topics from community policing to icons like Jalen Rose, all against the backdrop of events like Concert of Colors. Dive into the multifaceted world of Detroit with Feodies Shipp III on the Detroit is Different podcast.

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