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March 2023

All Behind the Scenes of Events, Production, and Entertainment with Nina Payne

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Entertainment, cultural events, and live productions add to the essence of Detroit Summers and make Detroit Winters enjoyable. Nina Payne and Foundation Management have been a key part of high-level productions for years. Now she will welcome a collection of her friends, colleagues, and contacts in the production world to share on the All Behind the Scenes podcast. Nina shares what’s kept her working in the field, her love for events, and why she is starting her podcast. Check out the Detroit is Different feature Nina Payne. 

Content Creation is Journalism when you apply skill, talent, and creativity for Chanel Stitt

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Ypsilanti is a city between Detroit and Ann Arbor that mixes a bit of both culture. Chanel Stitt grew up in Ypsilanti with interest in Detroit. Detroit captured her heart at a young age. U of M Dearborn was Chanel’s gateway to activism, culture, entertainment, restaurants, and small business throughout Detroit. Chanel joined many student organizations and eventually interned with the Detroit Free Press. Today she covers many small businesses and local businesses throughout the city. We discuss Generation Z take on the quality of life through COVID-19, Detroit business, and social media.

Bigger pictures are filled with details for success, and Regina Ann Campbell proves this

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The legendary Maryann Mahaffey took a chance on working with a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Regina Ann Campbell while serving office. Today leading Build Institute Regina applies that same selfless understanding of the people to advocate for them to systems bigger than their present state. Business development, training, and opportunity are ideas that occupy Regina’s mind. Leading Build Institute, she’s facilitating relationships between the business system and Detroit’s Small Business owners to heighten the quality of life for Detroiters. Regina’s journey is an unexpected path that is rich in community, family, academics, and prosperous relationships. Check out the Detroit is Different feature of Regina Ann Campbell. 

Helping Families get the house to make their Home is what Tansley Stearns Loves to do

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Buying a home is a benchmark of success and a sign of stability for economists and people in finance. For a family owning a home creates a place to develop culture, ethics, and find comfort. Tansley Stearns has assisted Michiganders in this journey leading Community Financial Credit Union. Tansley’s travel in career began in the world of marketing and communications. Early on in her career, she had the opportunity to work with a credit union in what has become a lifelong passion. In this interview, we discuss the Path to Homeownership, the value of diversity, and the relationship between the workplace & Generation Z. This dynamic interview explores Tansley’s drive to build relationships and bonds. Check out the Detroit is Different feature of Tansley Stearns.

Came to Detroit for the Soul the East Coast did not have, Mahogany Jones

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If Erykah Badu and Jill Scott rhymed over something with essence was the sound Mahogany Jones was searching for. An emcee battle led her to discover Detroit as the place with that for her. Mahogany is a world-traveling emcee that mixes energy, spirit, and joy to deliver live performances that win over the most hardcore hip-hop fan and the elder that hates rap music. Mahogany opens up about her music and Detroit’s role in developing her sound. We explore the role of women emcees in hip-hop, popular culture, and hip-hop culture. Check out the vibe of Mahogany Jones in her Detroit is Different feature. 

Smart kids become Smart Moms, making the Smartest Children Myka Burley knows it

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Intelligence is as different as Detroit. One of God’s greatest gifts is how our minds process, interpret, and understand information and apply it. Myka Burley had a family of love that poured into brilliance from a young age. A Grandbaby Baby, Myka grew up doted and dolled over at an early age. The principles and ethics of spending time with her elders gave Myka a mature and discipline disposition that anchors her today. Myka works to connect people and communities experiencing the digital divide to resources to succeed in today’s world of information technology. This is while assisting her son to tap into his genius of invention and love for scientific engineering. Check out the Detroit is Different feature with Myka Burley better to understand the relationship between Family & Gifted Children.

Why Belief and Faith are anchors in the life of Sherry Gay Dagnogo

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Acknowledging the brilliance of being Gifted and the essence of being Beloved are ways family poured into Sherry Gay Dagnogo as a child. Her love for Detroit runs deep from a tradition of family working for the ‘Fords’ and walking with Faith. Gospel music, math, and science were platforms that grew Sherry’s confidence to take on the world. One of the first of many college graduates from her family, Sherry blazed an unprecedented path. Her passion for teaching and delivering the best education for students moved her into community work. Learn how she keeps pace, focus, and optimism that peaceful successes and opportunities can reign upon us all. Check out the Detroit is Different feature with Sherry Gay Dagnogo.

Missions bigger than self takes the courage of collectives, and Rebecca Irby has been gathering the people for It

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New Jersey is more than the home of blue-collar work and the backdrop for Bruce Springsteen records; it’s a place filled with the grit and tough attitude Detroit has. Rebecca’s journey to Detroit started long ago, transversing many places. The grit and attitude place her right at home in Detroit. Rebecca’s start in missions much more significant than herself started with connecting students to essential support labeled as additional support. From a few schools, an initiative started by Rebecca was eventually implemented across the state of New Jersey. As the program’s growth spawned, the realities and limitations of the political infrastructure of America imposed the capacity restrictions of working with the people vs. the corporations. This same bold attitude in collecting thought led Rebecca to dig deeper into her experience and skills through research, data, analysis, and how that can change the community. This is an informative discussion about how developing something takes an insightful commitment. Check out the Detroit is Different feature with Rebecca Irby.

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