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August 2022

Black Children need educators that know the Black Experience, Marini C Lee

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Stanford University undergraduate in education led a Bay area grad to Michigan State University and the mitten state. Marini C Lee is enthusiastic and driven to connect best with Black students. For years her passion built Summer, After School, and Weekend teaching efforts throughout Black communities. This Saturday, she kicks off another with the Literacy Lounge that will take place at Harmony Café at 12041 Dexter Blvd (visit www.gracelearning for more information. Marini opens up about the disconnect between students, schools, and the community inside the Black community. Her steps in empathy, understanding, and resourcing students and teachers are eye-opening. Check out this great interview with Marini C Lee.

Corina Malone opens up about how Hustler’s Spirit is the Family Business

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Engineering is a discipline often misunderstood. Engineering is creative problem-solving. Design, bio-medical, civil, and social engineers are common disciplines where engineering is applied. Detroit is an American oasis of many engineers from across the world. Corina Malone’s education in Bio-Medical Engineering has led her on a path leading to Premier Care Physical Therapy today. In her Detroit is Different feature, she opens up about growing up across Detroit and even Southfield. The hustle and resilience of her family are crystalized in this feature.  She sees Corina’s focus as an extension of her mother’s work, Uncles, and more. This story features the world-famous Dapper Don, the Street Lords, and everything YOU need to know about experiencing injury from a car accident.

John Cloud shares his dynamic family background and how now his hip-hop is healing

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John Cloud is an emcee that has witnessed and participated in the origins of Detroit Hip-hop. His time in Home Grown, performing across the nation and region, shaped his understanding of performance. Currently, he is crafting the ‘Black Cloud’ album with producer Joe Black. The project is recorded at the Detroit is Different incubator and captures the essence of late 90’s & 2000’s hip-hop with lyricism & musicality. John Cloud opens up about his past on this project. For his Detroit is Different feature, Cloud shares the story of his family in Alabama, his family from Baltimore, and healing from witnessed trauma as a child. Watching the murder of his father at the age of seven is explored within the interview and album. John Cloud’s story is interesting and certainly a glimpse into what makes Detroit Different!

Photography in the Lux Experience and Lux Collective with Brandi Young

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Brandi Young is the STEM student that added the A for STEAM. A Cass Tech graduate and proud Eastside Detroiter, her path to supported success began from parents instilling the values of hard work. Today Young leads the Lux Collection birthed from her work with Navy B Rae Photography. After graduating from Oakland University, she began work in project management in technology. Her artistic calling for photography brought her back to the hobby she loved as a child. Today her once hobby is a thriving business that has become an enterprise welcoming partners, clients, and a wealth of referrals. “We create an experience for you with no stress,” Brandi Young describes the Lux experience. Learn about the vision of the Luxe Collective experience. Get the opportunity to offer the customer service immersive approach for your business with the Luxe Collective. Check out the interview with Brandi Young and contact her directly on Instagram at @navybraephotography.

Make-up in the Lux Experience and Lux Collective with Shay Bailey

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Oakland University brought together a friendship circle that is now a business group. Lux Collection offers a unique glamour experience for clients seeking an inclusive photography experience to capture photography that expresses personality, character, and style. Shay Bailey adds the touch of makeup to the glamour experience matching clients’ personalities with her artistry. Bailey grew up embracing art and transitioned from canvas to faces and skin for her expression. Working years in corporate and freelance spaces, Bailey has captured some of Detroit’s most iconic figures, and her touch has been seen by you before. Learn about the vision of the Luxe Collective experience. Get the opportunity to offer the customer service immersive approach for your business with the Luxe Collective. Check out the interview with Shay Bailey and contact her directly on Instagram at @shaybbeautiful.

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