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April 2020

Jay Rayford on Business, Sales, and Black Detroit

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Jay Rayford is creating opportunity through his network. Business is about profit for some, but few find value in the connection of creating businesses that bring people together. Jay is one of the entrepreneurs that is driven to find products and services that bond people to experiences. In this Detroit is Different discussion we talk about Social Sushi and how the business began. Jay opens up about his childhood and love for the Cody HS robotics team. Also, learn how to work as a salesman has built Jay’s confidence in building a strong network and family.

In Business as Best Friends connecting Seniors to Resources

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Greg Hines and Kevin Manuel are entrepreneurs that came into the business of caring for elders through know-how and need. Greg and Kevin both relocated to Detroit during a time of the burgeoning renaissance of Black business and corporate excellence. Their work in pharmaceutical sales and management were assets in a region looking to acquire talent. Friends for years decided to go into business together with owning an Amada Senior Care franchise. The two began with one client who taught them much about aging care and attention and now their knack for customer service has grown into an expansive practice. During this time of the COVD-19 crisis keeping proper care for their clients has made their work more appreciated for many families in the region. Kevin and Greg open up about their journey and friendship. How being in business has strengthened their bond and now is a stronghold for their families. Special Thanks to Charlene Mitchell-Rogers for this great interview.

Culture, Place-making, and Creativity in Detroit Today with Njia Kai

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Njia Kai loves artistry. The life work of Njia has placed her in spaces to best present performance, projects, and programming related to culture. The way she helped make flyers and programs for high school events has now transitioned to the African World Festival, Campus Martius event planning, and so much more. Our first interview (2018) discussed her background and journey and this interview connects her ideas for the future. This is a deep conversation and fruitful perspective looking at how we can all reconnect with culture moving beyond this crisis.

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