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April 2024

Friends of the Children-Detroit walking with Detroit Children for life led by Derschaun Brown

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Detroit kids navigate life in uniquely dynamic ways, shaped by the city’s distinct signature. However, the tragic under-resourcing of Detroit’s institutions profoundly impacts their experiences, amplifying the challenges they face. For these children, the reality is intensified, underscoring the crucial role of organizations like Friends of Children in our city. Derschaun Brown, a proud DPS graduate and former teacher, epitomizes the transformative power of support. Her journey from exploring fashion in high school to her current role as Executive Director of Friends of the Children-Detroit reflects the resilience and potential within Detroit’s youth. Through this organization, children facing multiple adverse childhood experiences are paired with dedicated mentors for a 12-year journey of guidance and support. These mentors, like Derschaun, are driven not only by a paycheck but by a genuine calling to make a difference in the lives of Detroit’s children. Meet Derschaun Brown of Detroit is Different.

West Seven Mile is Keeping Healthy with Sea Moss & Alkaline Water, Brother Bey & Moor Herbs

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Finding purpose for Isaiah Orton-Bey was discovered in his quest for deeper understandings of life. Along the stretch of West Seven Mile between Greenfield and Southfield in Detroit, a vibrant scene unfolds outside Moor Herbs—a health market specializing in vitamins, alkaline water, wholesome foods, and healing literature. In a revealing Detroit is Different interview, Isaiah Orton-Bey shares his journey into the world of health-conscious living, supplements, and holistic practices. He delves into his exploration of the teachings of Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Nation, spanning from the Eastside to the Westside of Detroit, and even reaching as far as South Carolina. Through this enriching narrative, Orton-Bey’s pursuit of purpose is vividly illuminated, offering a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of Detroit’s cultural and spiritual landscape. Meet Brother Bey on this Detroit is Different.

Pan-Afrikanism and Black Militancy are the Roots of Malik Shelton

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When Malcolm X delivered his historic ‘Message to the Grassroots Speech’ at King Solomon Baptist Church, a young Malik Shelton had the opportunity to meet him, igniting within him the roots and understanding of self-determination and Pan-Africanism. As a teenager, Shelton organized a series of Black organizing and militant actions to safeguard their Southwest Detroit neighborhood from intimidation by motorcycle gangs and police. Today, Shelton is a journalist and political activist delving into municipal bonding and electoral politics. In this “Detroit is Different,” we delve into the myriad relationships of Black organizing and the pivotal role self-determination played in 1970s Detroit. Meet Malik Shelton on this Detroit is Different.

Vegan Gumbo, Collard Greens, and the Brewster Projects all connect to Chef Buddah

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Chef Buddah’s journey sounds fascinating, especially with his deep roots in Detroit and his culinary adventures spanning from the Brewster Projects to various esteemed restaurants like Hudsons and the Summit Restaurant. Winning the 2023 Collard Green Cook-Off must have been a proud moment for him. His Vegan Gumbo sounds like a unique culinary experience, combining flavors and spices in a way that reflects his love for Detroit and its diverse food scene. Exploring his story through food is surely a journey worth taking for anyone passionate about food and community.

Local Government and Private Business, Theo Pride talks Macro & Micro Economics impacting Detroit Community

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The longstanding business relationship between Detroit’s municipal government and corporations traces its roots back several decades. Theo Pride, of Detroit People’s Platform, offers insightful analysis, delving into both macro and micro perspectives on the historical trajectory and current dynamics. Through examining entities like the Downtown Development Authority and the significance of Community Benefits Agreements, alongside considerations of resident empowerment, we gain a comprehensive understanding of this complex landscape. This discussion serves as a crucial framing for understanding ongoing developments and fostering balanced expectations among residents and corporations alike. Tune in to the Detroit is Different feature with Theo Pride for a deeper exploration.

From tall grass to opportunity to a whole community, Katrina Watkins and Bailey Park NDC

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Katrina Watkins was spurred to action by the sight of grass towering over people in her neighborhood, propelling her to instigate change. Transitioning from passive waiting for city intervention to proactive engagement, she founded the Bailey Park Neighborhood Development Corporation, now a beacon of hope on Detroit’s Eastside. A true Detroiter, Katrina lives and breathes the transformation of her community, epitomizing grassroots empowerment and community-driven change. In this insightful Detroit is Different feature, we delve into the tangible impact of her work, from revitalizing landscapes to fostering holistic neighborhood growth. Experience the inspiring journey with Katrina Watkins as she navigates the landscape of real community empowerment in Detroit.

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