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July 2023

The Dream of Detroit from the vision of Mark Crain

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Mark Crain’s dedication to community and development has forged a profound connection with Dream of Detroit, where his commitment to family, business acumen, passion for the Woodrow Wilson community, and Islamic faith have converged to drive transformative change in the heart of Detroit.

Mark Crain’s business acumen has been instrumental in Dream of Detroit’s growth and impact. His strategic thinking, financial expertise, and networking abilities have helped secure funding and collaborations, enabling Dream of Detroit to initiate transformative projects in the community. Mark’s business background has also instilled in him a sense of accountability and efficiency, ensuring that every effort contributes to sustainable, long-term development in the area.

The Woodrow Wilson community holds a special place in Mark’s heart. It is a neighborhood rich in history and potential, yet plagued by decades of neglect and disinvestment. Mark’s connection with the community runs deep, as he witnesses firsthand the challenges faced by its residents. His Grand Fathers Locksmith shop across the street from Central HS grounded Mark there as a child. Dream of Detroit’s mission to revitalize the Woodrow Wilson community aligns perfectly with Mark’s vision for a thriving, inclusive, and vibrant neighborhood that residents can take pride in.

Mark Crain’s Islamic faith serves as a guiding principle in his life and work. The values of compassion, social justice, and service to others, as emphasized in Islam, resonate deeply with his commitment to community development. Through Dream of Detroit, Mark channels his faith into action, working tirelessly to create positive change and empower those in need. His faith reminds him of the importance of humility and selflessness, qualities that have earned him the respect and trust of the Woodrow Wilson community.

Glamping and House Music in Idlewild is the Summer Oasis Music Festival & Cedric McDougle’s Passion

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The Summer Oasis Music Festival in Idlewild, MI, has emerged as the ultimate glamping experience that the house music and dance culture needed, enticing DJs worldwide to visit this picturesque destination. At the heart of this exceptional event lies the vision and dedication of Cedric McDougle, whose passion for music, culture, and community led him to create a festival like no other.

Cedric McDougle, a visionary entrepreneur and music enthusiast, envisioned a festival that would not only celebrate the electrifying beats of house music but also pay homage to the rich cultural history of Idlewild, MI. The town, renowned for its significance as a historic African American resort, served as a source of inspiration for Cedric. He wanted to create an event that would foster a sense of unity and empowerment, drawing from the vibrant legacy of the town’s past.

The idea of combining glamping with the immersive experience of house music and dance culture sprang from Cedric’s desire to offer festival-goers an unparalleled experience. He believed that providing luxurious amenities in the midst of nature would enhance the overall festival vibe, attracting a diverse audience from all corners of the globe.

Cedric McDougle’s vision for the Summer Oasis Music Festival was to create more than just a music event; he aimed to cultivate a community. He wanted festival-goers to feel a sense of belonging, to connect with one another through music, and to share in the joy of celebration. By curating workshops, talks, and interactive experiences, he ensured that the festival became a space for dialogue, creativity, and networking for artists and industry professionals alike.

All around the world to be grounded in Detroit, Nusrat Moghul

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Nusrat Moghul, is a charismatic real estate broker who is as enchanting as the city itself. With a deep-rooted passion for Detroit, Moghul has an everlasting love for Motor City.

From the moment you meet her, Moghul’s energy is infectious. Her unwavering enthusiasm for Detroit’s housing stock, architecture, and community runs deep. Her travels across the world, living in the UK, and experiences with internationally rich and famous people have not been as fulfilling as her times in Detroit. With a keen eye for hidden gems and untapped potential, she breathes new life into all neighborhoods, transforming them into vibrant communities.

Moghul’s love affair with Detroit goes beyond her profession. She wholeheartedly believes in the city’s resilience and creativity. She works in the North End and lives in the North End and Loves it! Her dedication to preserving Detroit’s rich history while fostering growth is nothing short of remarkable.

In this interview, Moghul shares her journey from Pakistan to the United States and Metro Detroit. Learn about her work as a Lawyer in the UK and now Real Estate Broker & Realtor specializing in the Detroit market. In a city filled with dreams and possibilities, Nusrat Moghul stands tall as a beacon of hope and a driving force behind helping families fulfill theirs by finding homes.

Teenage Interest became an Opportunity that now Powers the Quality of Life for Terrance Campbell

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The 1980s mixed a cultural movement that highlighted electronics and technology. As computers moved from government spaces to businesses to homes some American children became mesmerized with the personal computer. Terrance Campbell was one of the many American children in that group. Being an African American kid from Flint Terrance stood out in this group. Am interest grew into a love that now is the business. Terrance opens up about Flint Hip-hop, Michigan Transportation, and much more. Get an understanding of coding languages and much more in this Detroit is Different feature.

The Laughs, Cries, Creativity, Motivation, and Storytelling of Satori Shakoor

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Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatal is the one-woman show experience by Satori Shakoor happening July 21 – 23 at Detroit Public Theatre. Satori comes back to Detroit is Different to open up about her show and much more. We discuss the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers and the role storytelling plays in society, civilization, and life.

Satori Shakoor, founder of The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers® holds nothing back in her solo, standup storytelling concert. Satori’s riveting performance reflects on 12 years of her journey through the change in life. Wrought with twists and turns, Satori discovers early on that change comes at a very high price. She must confront and overcome a dark secret from her past. As Satori confesses her crime and owns it, she finds freedom and the grace to be fully ALIVE. Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale is a mood-swinging, hot flash of emotion, told through music, song, and in Satori’s unique style. In a jaw-dropping, taboo-busting, drop-the-mic performance, her story will leave audiences giddy with laughter, moved to tears, breathless, and cheering in triumph.

Two million women enter menopause every year. It’s shocking that no one is talking to them, with the exception of drug companies, who focus mainly on alleviating physical symptoms. Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale speaks to a hungry woman over 45 who has to hear stories that more fully represent their experiences. Confessions will encourage women to break the silence, end the shame, and inspire conversations that are uplifting, informative, thought-provoking, and supportive. Come out. Share stories. Celebrate this rite of passage called menopause, “the change of life!”

Around Detroit: All Things Detroit Spring 2023

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All Things Detroit and All Things Marketplace events, showcase and support local small businesses in the Detroit area. The events feature a wide range of vendors selling products such as food, clothing, art, and home decor, and also provide opportunities for networking, learning, and community building.

Attending an All Things Detroit event can be a great vendor experience for small business owners looking to connect with customers and fellow entrepreneurs in the Detroit area. It provides a platform for showcasing products and building brand awareness, while also offering the chance to learn from other vendors and attendees. Additionally, the events are known for their lively atmosphere and sense of community, which can create a positive and supportive environment for vendors to interact with potential customers and each other.

Around Detroit: Michigan Fashion Week

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Michigan Fashion Week 2023 brought a whirlwind of fashion, style, and pure excitement to the city of Detroit. As an avid fashion enthusiast, I had the privilege of attending this remarkable event, and let me tell you, it was a spectacle to behold.

The designers showcased their collections with an air of confidence and innovation that left the audience in awe. From avant-garde creations that pushed the boundaries of fashion to meticulously tailored garments that exuded elegance, Michigan Fashion Week 2023 proved that the state is a hotbed of talent. It was refreshing to witness a diverse range of designers from various backgrounds, all showcasing their unique perspectives and cultural influences.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the event served as a networking haven. Designers, models, and industry professionals converged, exchanging ideas and forging connections that will undoubtedly shape the future of fashion in Michigan.

Michigan Fashion Week 2023 has undoubtedly left a lasting impression. It showcased the immense talent and creativity of the state’s fashion community while providing a platform for diverse voices to be heard.

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