Glamping and House Music in Idlewild is the Summer Oasis Music Festival & Cedric McDougle’s Passion

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The Summer Oasis Music Festival in Idlewild, MI, has emerged as the ultimate glamping experience that the house music and dance culture needed, enticing DJs worldwide to visit this picturesque destination. At the heart of this exceptional event lies the vision and dedication of Cedric McDougle, whose passion for music, culture, and community led him to create a festival like no other.

Cedric McDougle, a visionary entrepreneur and music enthusiast, envisioned a festival that would not only celebrate the electrifying beats of house music but also pay homage to the rich cultural history of Idlewild, MI. The town, renowned for its significance as a historic African American resort, served as a source of inspiration for Cedric. He wanted to create an event that would foster a sense of unity and empowerment, drawing from the vibrant legacy of the town’s past.

The idea of combining glamping with the immersive experience of house music and dance culture sprang from Cedric’s desire to offer festival-goers an unparalleled experience. He believed that providing luxurious amenities in the midst of nature would enhance the overall festival vibe, attracting a diverse audience from all corners of the globe.

Cedric McDougle’s vision for the Summer Oasis Music Festival was to create more than just a music event; he aimed to cultivate a community. He wanted festival-goers to feel a sense of belonging, to connect with one another through music, and to share in the joy of celebration. By curating workshops, talks, and interactive experiences, he ensured that the festival became a space for dialogue, creativity, and networking for artists and industry professionals alike.

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