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The Laughs, Cries, Creativity, Motivation, and Storytelling of Satori Shakoor

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Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatal is the one-woman show experience by Satori Shakoor happening July 21 – 23 at Detroit Public Theatre. Satori comes back to Detroit is Different to open up about her show and much more. We discuss the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers and the role storytelling plays in society, civilization, and life.

Satori Shakoor, founder of The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers® holds nothing back in her solo, standup storytelling concert. Satori’s riveting performance reflects on 12 years of her journey through the change in life. Wrought with twists and turns, Satori discovers early on that change comes at a very high price. She must confront and overcome a dark secret from her past. As Satori confesses her crime and owns it, she finds freedom and the grace to be fully ALIVE. Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale is a mood-swinging, hot flash of emotion, told through music, song, and in Satori’s unique style. In a jaw-dropping, taboo-busting, drop-the-mic performance, her story will leave audiences giddy with laughter, moved to tears, breathless, and cheering in triumph.

Two million women enter menopause every year. It’s shocking that no one is talking to them, with the exception of drug companies, who focus mainly on alleviating physical symptoms. Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale speaks to a hungry woman over 45 who has to hear stories that more fully represent their experiences. Confessions will encourage women to break the silence, end the shame, and inspire conversations that are uplifting, informative, thought-provoking, and supportive. Come out. Share stories. Celebrate this rite of passage called menopause, “the change of life!”

Driving Force for Detroit’s Community, Rooted in Faith and Purpose, meet Angela Whitfield-Calloway

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Standing as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the community is her purpose. Angela Calloway is the District 2 Detroit City Councilmember and so much more. With an unwavering belief in God and deep roots in Detroit, Calloway is driven by a steadfast commitment to uplift and empower her Detroit community. Her tireless efforts to bring positive change and promote unity have made her a friend to neighborhood groups and associations alike. A woman of strong faith, Calloway draws her strength and determination from her belief in a higher power. She firmly believes that her purpose in life is to serve others, guided by the principle. With God as her foundation, she approaches every decision with unwavering integrity and a deep sense of responsibility to her community. Born and raised in the heart of the city, she has witnessed firsthand the struggles and triumphs of her neighbors, instilling in her a profound sense of connection and dedication. Her experiences have fueled her passion for community development, inspiring her to fight for equitable opportunities, improved education, and safer neighborhoods. Meet Angela Whitfield-Calloway on Detroit is Different.

In Rhythm of Life, Business, and Creativity is the way of Achsha Jones

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Dexter is one of Detroit’s most spoken-of streets. Kash Doll’s new album introduced hip-hop listeners to the street worldwide. For Achsha Jones, it was home for her family through the 1980s and 1990s. Achsha is the founder and director of Trip Slip to people that meet her in the technology space. In this Detroit is Different feature, you are introduced to the kid from Dexter who witnessed how crack cocaine, the prison industrial complex, and poverty strengthened her for the rollercoaster of American Life. Achsha shares her love for creativity. Find out about her journey as a 1998 graduate of the Original (old) Detroit High School for Fine and Performing Arts. She shares how watching an idea become a reality is an impactful inspiration that drives her today. Check out the Detroit is Different feature with Trip Slip’s Achsha Jones.

Michigan’s Poet Laureate is a Legacy Detroiter with a descriptive pen, Meet Nandi Comer

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Nandi Comer is Michigan’s first Poet Laureate in over 60 years. Her writing is flavored with descriptive adjectives painting pictures of time, place, space, and much more. The Poet Laureate of Michigan has roots in the Shrine of the Black Madonna, found a love of poetry in a Summer Job, Fan of attending Luche Libre Wrestling in Mexico, and is also a friend of Detroit is Different. Her work advocating for, creating, and appreciating art is life-fulfilling. Discover more about Nandi’s background and how her journey has left an impression on her that is now shared amongst the world in poetry. 

The Jokes on You, Comedy is Life for Mic Larry

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Comedy is a joke to many but for Mic Larry, it has been an inspiration, motivation, and purpose. From the Cooley neighborhood, the Redford Huskie basketball player was a gifted athlete from birth. Mic Larry’s life has been a testimony to finding glory through storms. Learn his approach to utilizing time and taking advantage of the opportunity. Comedian Mic Larry opens up about starting from scratch and making a way in life again and again. Get introduced to one of the masters at the craft of comedy, Mic Larry.

Bringing the Party to Life is Zsa Zsa Purpose

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Laughs, smiles, Joy, and love are acts in life that fulfill life. Zsa Zsa has spent a lifetime adding this flavor to her family. In this feature, Zsa Zsa opens up about the pain that brings trauma and tragedy to many families in our community. Zsa Zsa shares how hee solutions of adding life, imagination, creativity, and fun have centered loved ones in times of need. Today her talents and skills have her hosting events, radio programs, and much more. The 910am host of the “Yea I Said It” show opens up about her background. Check out a powerful and inspirational feature on Detroit is Different.

The Stand is Free the Land for Bomani

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Grand River Ave and Joy Rd have taken on many iterations of the Black experience. Bomani has witnessed them all since the 1970s. Bomani began in connecting to a community of Black consciousness as a die-hard enthusiast. Today in a role of leadership for the Detroit Chapter of the Malcolm X Grassroots Organization he is sharing the knowledge he has gained. May 19th in honor of the Birthday of Malcolm X Detroits chapter will be hosting an event. Learn more about the passion and process of Bomani in his Detroit is Different feature.

Grafitti, Chicano Revolutionaries, and Black Farming are connected by Antonio Rafael

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Depending upon when and how you and when you meet Antonio Rafael, you could have an engaging exchange on many things. When connecting with Antonio, concepts from the community will be balanced with the world or vice versa. Antonio’s journey from Southwest Detroit and having working-class parents left grand impressions of ways development impacted the community. Studying at Eastern Michigan University strengthened Antonio’s global understanding of how corporations exploit people internationally. Today Antonio works in art, farming, and advocacy. This was a classic back-and-forth conversation between micro and macro concepts that is thought-provoking and enlightening. Check out the Detroit is Different feature of Antonio Rafael.

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