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2023 City of Detroit Municipal Politics Year in Review

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Khary Frazier of Detroit is Different welcomes back Malachi Barrett from Bridge Detroit, talking Detroit politics from 2023 into 2024. The discussion delves into the pivotal matters concerning the Detroit City Council and the Mayor of Detroit matters, spotlighting the things shaping the city’s future. Angela Whitfield Calloway’s (Councilmember District 2) proposal to levy taxes on stadium ticket sales to bolster Detroit, while Fred Durhal’s (Councilmember District 7) vision to use ARPA funding for reimbursing those impacted by pension losses garners significance as two ordinances to be voted on in 2024. Scott Benson’s strides towards building emissions air quality is an ordinance that passed in 2023 that will be enforced in 2024, alongside the noteworthy update on the City of Detroit Reparations Task Force initiated by Council President Mary Sheffield. Mayor Mike Duggan’s proactive efforts to get the Michigan State Legislature’s backing for his Land Value Tax will emerge as a focal point in early 2024 local politics. This was a discussion that discussed tax breaks, affordable housing, tax money for development, surveillance oversight, lower crime rates, and new taxation for residents. Learn all about the 2023 Detroit City Municipal politics.

Malachi Barrett is a journalist for Bridge Detroit and the lead columnist for Detroit City Council.

State of Black Detroit 2023: Who’s Afraid of a Black Detroit

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The 3rd Annual State of Black Detroit conference took place on December 30, 2023, featuring the dynamic perspectives of Dr. Yusef Bunchy Shakur and Khary Frazier. Proudly presented by Detroit is Different in partnership with Detroit Community Movement Builders, this event promises an engaging exploration of pivotal themes impacting the Detroit community.

Featured Speakers
Black Values and Virtues – Dr. Yusef ‘Bunchy’ Shakur
Black Organizing – Carolyn Baker
Black Family – Jasahn & Krystal Larsosa
Black Generation Z – Jerjuan Howard
Black Heath – Dr. Jesse Brown
Black Justice – Nancy Parker
Black Business – Greg McKenzie
Black Media – Piper Carter

Dr. Yusef Bunchy Shakur and Khary Frazier led enlightening discussions delving into crucial aspects that shape the fabric of the Detroit community. Their dialogue will revolve around themes such as Faith, Access to Opportunity, Family, Community, Education, Justice, and Cooperative Economics, each playing a pivotal role in the growth and prosperity of Detroit.

The overarching theme, “Who’s Afraid of a Black Detroit,” sets the tone for thought-provoking discussions and explorations of resilience within the Detroit community.

Who’s Afraid of a Black Detroit by Dr. Yusef Bunchy Shakur

Detroit, MI – The 3rd Annual State of Black Detroit conference is set to take place on December 30, 2023, featuring the dynamic perspectives of Dr. Yusef Bun…

Dr. Charles Simmons talks Pan Africanism, Community, and Black lens on World Affairs

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Dr. Charles Simmons graces ‘Detroit is Different’ with Khary Frazier, unveiling a life steeped in honor, community, and a relentless pursuit of truth. Through his odyssey, Simmons found solace and purpose within the embrace of the King Solomon Baptist Church community, a sanctuary that resonated amidst his global sojourns. His worldview expanded exponentially during his tenure in the Air Force, delving into pan-Africanism as he forged connections with Ethiopian comrades and Congolese brethren. These encounters unfurled a profound understanding of America’s intricate involvement in the colonization of Black communities worldwide, shaping Simmons’ advocacy for justice and equity.

His narrative unravels further at Wayne State University Law School, where the legendary Ken Cockrel Sr. became a guiding light, igniting the spark that birthed Uhuru alongside luminaries like General Baker. Through the corridors of education, Simmons’ journey intertwined with Dr. Sandra Simmons, a cherished soul whose wisdom and compassion illuminated their path. Their joint tenure at EMU birthed not just knowledge but a beacon of hope—the Hush House—expanding from a humble space to a transformative community bastion, echoing their commitment to upliftment and enlightenment. In Dr. Charles Simmons’ saga, we encounter a tapestry woven with resilience, enlightenment, and an unyielding dedication to nurturing communities toward a brighter, more equitable future.

Natural Hair is about the Greatest Love of all for Nefertiti Harris

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Nefertiti Harris of Textures Nefertiti speaks on her journey through the Shrine of the Black Madonna to engage in the mission of empowering Black people by recognizing the beauty of our natural hair. This year Nefertiti is being honored at Detroit is Different’s My Natural Hair Show. Nefertiti shares how she’s moved with the purpose of creating and redefining beauty for Detroit by helping Black people find inner love.

How Black Women See Themselves from the Bible’s Perspective in the Art of Poetry and Sculpture, with Scheherazade W Parrish

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In this episode of “Detroit is Different,” the spotlight is on Scheherazade Washington Parrish, a multi-talented individual with a diverse background in writing, art, psychology, and community engagement. Scheherazade’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in her exploration of various forms of expression, from personal narratives to formal verse. She skillfully deconstructs complex societal, personal, and political themes, especially focusing on concepts of duty and family.

Having pursued psychology at Wayne State University, Scheherazade brings a unique perspective to her creative endeavors. Currently serving as a program manager with Allied Media Projects in Detroit, she continues to inspire and engage the community through her work.

Scheherazade’s contributions extend beyond the confines of traditional publications. Her work has found its way into journals, and anthologies like “The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook,” as well as large-scale visual art installations and murals. In this interview, she delves into her creative process, discussing the interplay between form and content in her pieces, a theme highlighted in her intriguing project titled “Tools of Redaction: Form.” Tune in to gain insights into the mind of this prolific writer, artist, moderator, and muse, as she shares her passion for storytelling and her unique perspective on Detroit’s vibrant cultural landscape.

Faith, Creativity, and Business are keys to success for Mikki Godfrey

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Discover Mikki Godfrey’s inspiring journey, a testament to faith, creativity, and business acumen in the heart of Detroit. As the driving force behind the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s BuyDetroit program, Mikki’s story is one of resilience and determination. Her path to leadership was paved with exceptional sales and management skills, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to Detroit’s economic growth.

In this captivating video, you’ll gain insight into how Mikki confronted adversity and trauma, transforming these challenges into invaluable lessons for personal and professional growth. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and focus in the face of life’s hurdles.

Today, Mikki Godfrey stands as an impresario, leaving her mark on various creative realms. Join us as we delve into her remarkable journey, celebrating the indomitable spirit that drives her success and the positive impact she continues to make in Detroit and beyond. Discover how faith, creativity, and business acumen have shaped Mikki’s extraordinary story, and be inspired by her unwavering dedication to Detroit’s growth and prosperity.

Coco – From Nurse to Legendary Comedian | Life, Laughter, and Lessons

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Get ready to dive into the captivating journey of the legendary comedian Coco as she sits down with host Khary Frazier on this exclusive Detroit is Different interview. In this episode, Coco takes us back to her roots, sharing anecdotes from her upbringing in Highland Park and her unexpected career path from nursing to comedy.

Nursing to Comedy: Coco’s story is one of true inspiration. Discover how she transitioned from her role as a nurse to the world of stand-up comedy. Hear about the pivotal moments that led her to take the stage and embrace her natural gift for laughter, even in the face of personal grief and challenges.

A Journey of Resilience: Join us as Coco opens up about the emotional journey of losing her older sister and how that experience shaped her determination to succeed in the entertainment industry. Through her humor and authenticity, Coco teaches us valuable life lessons about resilience, finding joy, and turning adversity into strength.

Rise to Radio Fame: Learn about Coco’s breakthrough on the WJLB morning show and how she made her mark on the airwaves. Discover the intriguing connection between Coco and Chris Gardner, the man behind the inspiring story of “The Pursuit of Happyness.” Find out how Chris Gardner played a crucial role in negotiating Coco’s first radio contract.

Laughter and Life Lessons: This interview is not just about comedy; it’s a celebration of life. Tune in for a dose of hearty laughter as Coco shares hilarious anecdotes from her journey as a comedian. But it’s not all about laughs—Coco imparts wisdom and life lessons garnered from her unique experiences.

Navigating Stardom and Relationships: Coco dishes on what it’s like to date celebrities while being a celebrity herself. Gain insights into the world of fame, relationships, and the balancing act required to keep it real in the limelight.

Join us for an unforgettable conversation filled with laughter, inspiration, and wisdom. Coco’s Detroit is Different interview is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion, overcoming obstacles, and embracing the beauty of life’s unexpected twists.

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Why is France at War in Africa – Abayomi Azikiwe

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As global attention turns to France’s intricate involvement in African affairs, Abayomi Azikiwe’s forthcoming interview with Detroit is Different provides a captivating insight into the historical and contemporary dynamics underpinning France’s presence in Africa. A seasoned analyst and the mind behind the Pan African News Wire, Azikiwe delves into the complex relationship between France and its former African colonies, shedding light on the motivations driving France’s actions on the continent.

Detroit is Different’s feature meticulously traces the roots of France’s colonial history, a legacy that remarkably stretches across continents and centuries, even encompassing the city of Detroit in the United States. Azikiwe unveils the intricate connection between colonial undertakings and contemporary conflicts, highlighting how this history reverberates in the present day.

Central to the discussion is France’s insatiable thirst for African resources, an exploitative trend that dates back to colonial times.

Former French president Jacques Chirac “without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power,” March of 2008.

French President François Mitterand “Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century,” 1957.

The interview brings into sharp focus the recent developments in Niger, a West African nation currently at the forefront of conflict with France. The suspension of Niger’s constitution and the dissolution of institutions following a military coup underscore the nation’s determination to assert its autonomy over its abundant natural resources, particularly its significant uranium reserves, ranked seventh largest globally. This valuable radioactive metal serves as a cornerstone for various industries, including nuclear energy, cancer treatment, naval propulsion, and weaponry.

Azikiwe exposes the historical narrative behind Niger’s natural resource industry, revealing how French corporations have dominated this sector, leaving the nation’s government with only minority holdings. The struggle for self-determination in Niger represents a wider sentiment across other West African nations once colonized by France, as they rally behind Niger’s bid to break free from neo-colonial shackles.

As the interview unfolds, Azikiwe’s expertise navigates the nuanced layers of France’s engagement in Africa, encapsulating not only the historical context but also the contemporary complexities surrounding economic exploitation and political autonomy. This preview only scratches the surface of the profound insights that Detroit is Different’s conversation with Abayomi Azikiwe promises to unveil, offering a platform to understand the intricate web of power, resources, and history woven between France and its African counterparts.

For more information on the current conflicts between France and Niger and/or other Pan-African News visit today.

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