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Creating Opportunity for his People Kirk Mayes’ Mission

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Before he was born, Kirk Mayes’ great-aunt inspired his mother to serve their community in the hills of Jamaica. Decades later, Kirk Mayes has fed hundreds of thousands of families during a pandemic, driven by his mission to be a resource for his community. In this dynamic episode of Detroit is Different, Kirk opens up about his journey of learning how a Non-Profit Organization can support a community. Friendship, family, education, and culture have all shaped Kirk’s character and guided his path. Tune in to hear Kirk Mayes on Detroit is Different.

The Black Designer is So Detroit & Keir Worthy Knows Why

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Black designers in fashion, furniture, and even aluminum cans are changing the world from Detroit. Keir Worthy returns to Detroit is Different to discuss his role as the Executive Director of the Organization of Black Designers. We explore the significant contributions Black people have made in establishing style and coolness globally and delve into the cultural dynamics of Detroit and New York. Tune in to this episode of Detroit is Different featuring Keir Worthy.

Traveling to Africa to learn, teach and experience Art, Sabrina Nelson

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Sabrina Nelson is embarking on a transformative journey to Africa, driven by her passion for learning, teaching, and immersing herself in the world of art. With a rich history of creativity showcased during her original appearance on Detroit is Different, Sabrina has dedicated her life to sharing her artistic talents. Today, her artistic expression flows in sync with the rhythm of her spirit, seamlessly blending music, fashion, painting, sculpture, and beyond. As she prepares for her upcoming adventure to Africa, Sabrina eagerly anticipates the opportunity to both impart her knowledge and absorb the diverse artistic influences of the African Diaspora. Through teaching, learning, and experiencing artistry firsthand, Sabrina aims to further enrich her own creative journey while fostering cross-cultural connections and understanding.

The Black Family is the Black Community and Kenyatta Stephens

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American Street was a cherished emblem of family, love, and community for Kenyatta Stephens. Her grandparents paved the way, instilling a legacy of service as stewards, dedicated to empowering their community with access to opportunity, success, and an enhanced quality of life. Today, at the helm of Black Family Development, Kenyatta channels her familial affection and experiential passion, recognizing the transformative power of robust mental health support in uplifting humanity. Delving into her journey, we uncover her drive to expand access to such support, bridging the gap from communities where Black representation was lacking to places like Detroit, where we stand as a majority. Kenyatta’s profound comprehension of the importance of listening, empathizing, and walking alongside the community has propelled her to cultivate an innate love for the current and evolving definition of Black success.

Africana Studies, Family, and Artistry with Stephanie Fazekas

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Stephanie Fazekas stands as a beacon of cool, her roots intertwined deeply with Detroit’s Eastside and Westside. Seamlessly blending her innate understanding of the city’s culture with her passion for art, Stephanie is poised to debut her inaugural art exhibition alongside her son Tory, a fitting celebration for Mother’s Day 2024. Together, we embark on a journey through the origins of Crockett High School, the vibrant tapestry of Detroit’s salon culture, and the transformative impact of Wayne State University’s Africana Studies program on Stephanie’s worldview. Delving into the annals of history, Stephanie illuminates how the convergence of the Labor Movement and the Black experience has profoundly shaped Detroit and reverberated throughout the fabric of America, offering keen insights into the intricate dynamics of race and power. Amidst our conversation, Stephanie graciously shares her foray into children’s literature and the evolution of her characters through art, while Tory joins us to provide a glimpse into their collaborative process and offer a sneak peek into their upcoming art show, showcasing the magic of merging their creative energies.

U of M Business School is Studying the Ways Racism Impacts your Health led by Dr. Bill Lovejoy

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Dr. Bill Lovejoy boasts a distinguished 30-year tenure as a professor at the University of Michigan, where his expertise spans the realms of academia and business. His academic journey, rooted in a background in mathematics, has been enriched by extensive travels around the globe, affording him unique opportunities to showcase the alignment of his talents with both scholarly pursuits and practical business applications. Currently, Dr. Lovejoy leads a pivotal survey study at the University of Michigan, delving into the emotional toll experienced by African Americans living in a racially charged society. Drawing upon his wealth of experience and scholarly insight gained from reviewing previous studies on the psychological impacts of racism on Black Americans, he spearheads this crucial examination. Partnering with the Ross School of Business, the University of Michigan Detroit Center is set to host an afternoon event on Saturday, May 4, 2024, inviting African Americans aged 18 and above to anonymously share their perspectives through a one-hour survey session. Dr. Lovejoy’s forthcoming discussion promises to illuminate the findings of this study and elucidate its significance in addressing pressing societal issues.

Friends of the Children-Detroit walking with Detroit Children for life led by Derschaun Brown

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Detroit kids navigate life in uniquely dynamic ways, shaped by the city’s distinct signature. However, the tragic under-resourcing of Detroit’s institutions profoundly impacts their experiences, amplifying the challenges they face. For these children, the reality is intensified, underscoring the crucial role of organizations like Friends of Children in our city. Derschaun Brown, a proud DPS graduate and former teacher, epitomizes the transformative power of support. Her journey from exploring fashion in high school to her current role as Executive Director of Friends of the Children-Detroit reflects the resilience and potential within Detroit’s youth. Through this organization, children facing multiple adverse childhood experiences are paired with dedicated mentors for a 12-year journey of guidance and support. These mentors, like Derschaun, are driven not only by a paycheck but by a genuine calling to make a difference in the lives of Detroit’s children. Meet Derschaun Brown of Detroit is Different.

West Seven Mile is Keeping Healthy with Sea Moss & Alkaline Water, Brother Bey & Moor Herbs

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Finding purpose for Isaiah Orton-Bey was discovered in his quest for deeper understandings of life. Along the stretch of West Seven Mile between Greenfield and Southfield in Detroit, a vibrant scene unfolds outside Moor Herbs—a health market specializing in vitamins, alkaline water, wholesome foods, and healing literature. In a revealing Detroit is Different interview, Isaiah Orton-Bey shares his journey into the world of health-conscious living, supplements, and holistic practices. He delves into his exploration of the teachings of Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Nation, spanning from the Eastside to the Westside of Detroit, and even reaching as far as South Carolina. Through this enriching narrative, Orton-Bey’s pursuit of purpose is vividly illuminated, offering a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of Detroit’s cultural and spiritual landscape. Meet Brother Bey on this Detroit is Different.

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