a Detroit Neighborhood Project: a Lot of Studio 2021

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‘a Lot of Studio,’ is the exclusive studio city experience inside the community. Guests will have the opportunity to experience live entertainment in the style of Burbank, New York, and Atlanta inside a Detroit neighborhood.

‘a Lot of Studio,’ is the cohesive vision of community, culture, creativity, and communication. It’s imperative that Black voices have platforms. Detroit is Different currently has a collection of over 40 Metro-Detroiters use Detroit is Different as a hub to engage audiences interested in an array of subcultures including but not limited to: Women in Hip-hop; Black (African-American) Comedy; Islamic Social Justice; the Black (African-American) Gay Professional class; the Natural Hair Movement; Lesbian-Trans-Women Social Justice; Women Visual Artists; Artists under the age of 25; and many other groups and circles. ‘a lot of Studio,’ is the live studio audience experience of Detroit is Different podcasting. Attendants can experience, join, and appreciate a mix of live podcasts. Learning, teaching, sharing, laughing, and connecting together will build deeper relationships between Detroit is Different and the community.

‘a Lot of Studio,’ takes place in the community garden started by Detroit is Different founder Khary Frazier and steps away from the Detroit is Different incubator. ‘a Lot of Studio’ is an eclectic mix of welcoming culture, creativity, and community inside a legacy Detroit westside neighborhood. What started in 2021 continues today. An offering of fresh food from our garden, entertaining and informational podcast discussions, and live music performances building culture is what Detroit is Different gives with ‘a Lot of Studio.’

In 2021 Detroit is Different raised $33,275.00 to produce a Lot of Studio with the support of over 105 individual patrons, the National Black Talk Show Hosts Association INC, The Transforming Power Fund, Greg Frazier CPA, Detroit City Distillery, The University of Michigan, Hope Village Revitalization, and Creative Differences Marketing INC.

Featured in the Documentary in order are the following guests
Audra Carson of the CommuniD Podcast
Rev. JoAnn Watson of Westside Unity Church
Rev. Mayowa Reynolds of Fellowship Chapel
Malik Yakini of Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
Sherrie Smith of Hope Village Gardner/Farmer
Myrtle Thompson of Feedom Freedom Gardens
Monique Thompson of Feedom Freedom Growers
Catherine Kelly of Bridge Detroit
Comedian Coco of the Coco Morning Show
Khary Frazier of Detroit is Different
Tawana Honeycomb Petty Author, Poet & Organizer
Koolade of AYV Clothing
Ashley Nicole of MeltFit
Sterling Toles Visual Artist
Sabrina Nelson Visual Artist
Halima Cassels Visual Artist
Escada Gordon Visual Artist

In Honor of the Life and Legacy of Johnella ‘Jan’ Frazier

What began as a journey engaging hip-hop audiences, has grown into a career as a marketing consultant. As business people have seen my work, I was propositioned many times to provide graphic design, photography, videography, event planning, website development, and social media campaigning. These initial business contracts inspired me to build Creative Differences Marketing. I’ve balanced my entrepreneurial experience with formal education from Walsh College of Business and Accountancy. My degree in Marketing serves me well in understanding many of the formal, universal, and theoretical marketing approaches used in corporate environments.Formulating this business model has been anchored by the success of my BLOG ‘Detroit is Different.’ I create all content for Detroit is Different. This serves as a prototype of the ways I can design events, websites, graphics, music, podcasts, social media campaigns, and e-mail campaigns. ‘Detroit is Different’ focuses on the people and places of Detroit that add to the culture. Through these people and places, themes are driven. These themes will partner with, sponsor, and advertise for businesses and organizations using this innovative multilevel marketing approach.