How a Jam Session got Detroit Artists performing music on stages, the Story of D Cipher

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Jam sessions are a kinetic, eclectic, and improvisational expression of creativity. Juuni, Nique Love Rhodes, and Sophia have expanded that energy into D Cipher. Juuni is a world-class drummer. Nique Love Rhodes is a band-leading emcee meshing live instruments and hip-hop. Sophia is an expression of keys and mixed medium art. Together with (Allandra Bulger, aka Insite The Riot) created a mastermind collective of musicians, a non-profit advocating for music equity in Detroit and beyond.  Juuni, Nique, and Sophia sit down with Detroit is Different and open up about how, why, and what their work means to Detroit’s musical performance artists. Learn how their roots connect to deeper culture across the diaspora into Haiti, Jamaica, New Orleans, and certainly Detroit’s Joy Rd.  

What began as a journey engaging hip-hop audiences, has grown into a career as a marketing consultant. As business people have seen my work, I was propositioned many times to provide graphic design, photography, videography, event planning, website development, and social media campaigning. These initial business contracts inspired me to build Creative Differences Marketing. I’ve balanced my entrepreneurial experience with formal education from Walsh College of Business and Accountancy. My degree in Marketing serves me well in understanding many of the formal, universal, and theoretical marketing approaches used in corporate environments.Formulating this business model has been anchored by the success of my BLOG ‘Detroit is Different.’ I create all content for Detroit is Different. This serves as a prototype of the ways I can design events, websites, graphics, music, podcasts, social media campaigns, and e-mail campaigns. ‘Detroit is Different’ focuses on the people and places of Detroit that add to the culture. Through these people and places, themes are driven. These themes will partner with, sponsor, and advertise for businesses and organizations using this innovative multilevel marketing approach.