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Detroit Bus in the 1980s and 1990s with Charles Wilson

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Charles Wilson joins Detroit is DIfferent to discuss the Detroit Department of Transportation bus system in the 1980s and 1990s. Wilson shares how as a Vietnam vet, he navigated beyond that to sustain his family. He shares stories from famous routes like Fenkell, Woodward, Dexter, and Gratiot. Wilson also opens up about how Detroit’s poor busing route system kept many passengers from arriving to work on time. Learn the difference between Chicago, New York, and LA bus systems. The agreement between SMART bus and Detroit. It was an interesting and insightful interview with Mr. Wilson.

Beyond Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Yusef Bunchy Shakur and Dr. Carl Taylor

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Detroit is Different partnered with Community Movement Builders and the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion to host a Juneteenth discussion featuring Dr. Carl Taylor and Yusef Bunchy Shakur. This event was insightful; the discussion challenged both Shakur and Dr. Taylor to define the role of DEI in our community.

Ukraine at War with Russia & how NATO, the US, and Nazism are involved in this conflict

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Earlier this year, I partnered with Riverwise Magazine to interview Russ Bellant about the relationship between Ukraine and Nazism. Bellant is an author and scholar that has studied the impacts of Nazism worldwide. His perspective opened the lens of how to view the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Since our initial interview, conflicts have flared on both sides, with many people being murdered and injured, homes and structures damaged, and the other impacts of war.

This interview updates on what is happening now in this conflict. Covered are the following topics, all interrelated:

Estimate of War timeline
State of Ukraine
State of Russia
State of NATO
European leaders and citizens regarding this War
Russia annexed the Ukrainian provinces into parts of Russia (seaports of the Black Sea)
Russia and the threat of nuclear arms
America’s honesty about Russia
The Russian Army reach
China & Taiwan
Where does America stand in international diplomacy?
Nordstrom Pipeline 1 & 2
America’s bombing of Somalia, Uganda, & Sudan
Thousands of American National Guard troops (from NY & WI) are being deployed into the horn of Africa (Somalia & Ethiopia)
the BRICS system (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa)
New Russian & Chinese currencies backed by the gold standard

Dr. Sebi, Laila Africa, and other Natural Healers all worked with Dr. Jesse Brown

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In 1987 the Detroit Wholistic Center launched on Dexter and Clairmount. Dr. Jesse Brown opens up about how he saw a need for natural healing in our community. For over 30 years, alkaline water, treatments beyond mucous and PH, and so much more were all knowledge provided by Dr. Brown. In this interview, learn more about his healing and natural life methods. Today he leads the Wholistic Training Institute online with classes for those interested in the wisdom of natural self-care.

Helping lead Detroit Public School Community District towards success against odds but with faith & vision, Angelique Peterson Mayberry

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Vision, faith, and community anchor Angelique Peterson Mayberry. Detroit Public School Community District Board president (running for her second term currently) has worked tirelessly to ensure DPSCD is ready to fulfill students’ dreams. Her work to empower students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community groups grew from the work ethic that committed her to Ford Motor Company and UAW. Madam President opens up about her son’s organizing of a school walkout to further encourage her can-do spirit. Today DPSCD has more strides to make, but in the shadows of the pandemic, DPSCD is much more efficient than other media reports. Learn of her vision, responsibility, and passion for her position.

Black Children need educators that know the Black Experience, Marini C Lee

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Stanford University undergraduate in education led a Bay area grad to Michigan State University and the mitten state. Marini C Lee is enthusiastic and driven to connect best with Black students. For years her passion built Summer, After School, and Weekend teaching efforts throughout Black communities. This Saturday, she kicks off another with the Literacy Lounge that will take place at Harmony Café at 12041 Dexter Blvd (visit www.gracelearning for more information. Marini opens up about the disconnect between students, schools, and the community inside the Black community. Her steps in empathy, understanding, and resourcing students and teachers are eye-opening. Check out this great interview with Marini C Lee.

Corina Malone opens up about how Hustler’s Spirit is the Family Business

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Engineering is a discipline often misunderstood. Engineering is creative problem-solving. Design, bio-medical, civil, and social engineers are common disciplines where engineering is applied. Detroit is an American oasis of many engineers from across the world. Corina Malone’s education in Bio-Medical Engineering has led her on a path leading to Premier Care Physical Therapy today. In her Detroit is Different feature, she opens up about growing up across Detroit and even Southfield. The hustle and resilience of her family are crystalized in this feature.  She sees Corina’s focus as an extension of her mother’s work, Uncles, and more. This story features the world-famous Dapper Don, the Street Lords, and everything YOU need to know about experiencing injury from a car accident.

John Cloud shares his dynamic family background and how now his hip-hop is healing

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John Cloud is an emcee that has witnessed and participated in the origins of Detroit Hip-hop. His time in Home Grown, performing across the nation and region, shaped his understanding of performance. Currently, he is crafting the ‘Black Cloud’ album with producer Joe Black. The project is recorded at the Detroit is Different incubator and captures the essence of late 90’s & 2000’s hip-hop with lyricism & musicality. John Cloud opens up about his past on this project. For his Detroit is Different feature, Cloud shares the story of his family in Alabama, his family from Baltimore, and healing from witnessed trauma as a child. Watching the murder of his father at the age of seven is explored within the interview and album. John Cloud’s story is interesting and certainly a glimpse into what makes Detroit Different!

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