Behind the Scenes of Lights, Camera and Action with Rachel Simone

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Behind the scenes of the film industry, where meticulous planning and coordination precede the glitz and glamour of Lights, Camera, and Action is where Rachel Simone thrives. Hailing from generations entrenched in Detroit, she embodies the spirit of Detroit, having grown up embracing the Dexter Blvd neighborhood as one of the many Broad Street Parade kids (like me and so many others). Now, her expertise in production spans globally, as she shares her journey from humble beginnings to working with renowned names like Dave Chappelle and CNN. In this episode, we delve into Rachel’s unwavering passion for defying expectations in spaces historically unwelcoming to young people, Black people, and Women. As Production Bae, her success paves the way for others, demonstrating the transformative power of creativity in creating opportunities. Join us as we talk about Rachel’s inspiring vision of success and her dedication to the art of production in this Detroit is Different.

What began as a journey engaging hip-hop audiences, has grown into a career as a marketing consultant. As business people have seen my work, I was propositioned many times to provide graphic design, photography, videography, event planning, website development, and social media campaigning. These initial business contracts inspired me to build Creative Differences Marketing. I’ve balanced my entrepreneurial experience with formal education from Walsh College of Business and Accountancy. My degree in Marketing serves me well in understanding many of the formal, universal, and theoretical marketing approaches used in corporate environments.Formulating this business model has been anchored by the success of my BLOG ‘Detroit is Different.’ I create all content for Detroit is Different. This serves as a prototype of the ways I can design events, websites, graphics, music, podcasts, social media campaigns, and e-mail campaigns. ‘Detroit is Different’ focuses on the people and places of Detroit that add to the culture. Through these people and places, themes are driven. These themes will partner with, sponsor, and advertise for businesses and organizations using this innovative multilevel marketing approach.