Capturing the culture that makes Detroit what it is.

Politics and Community Leadership: Tiffany Tilley

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Community Activism in her own neighborhood developed unity, confidence, and networks that have propelled Tiffany Tilley in life. Politicians and Community Leader are titles that Tiffany holds and carries. The love she’s given her children is the care she offers to the people. In this interview, we discuss her journey in family, activism, and leadership. Tiffany shares her motivation to be grounded in her work. We also discuss her role as a member of the Michigan State Board of Education and how to empower young people.

DJ’s Make the World Go Round: DJ Drummer B

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Blocks away from White’s Records (the Original White’s Records) a child was born into the love for vinyl. Leonard “Drummer B” Ware speaks with his hands and not through sign language, through DJing. Rome, Egypt, and Detroit’s St Andrew’s Hall all have felt the energy and influence of DJ Drummer B. In the interview, he opens up about working with Proof, Derrick May, Nick Speed, and Danny Brown. He also discusses the resource that Underground Resistance and Murals in the Market have been in the production of his ‘Space Bounce’ vinyl. Listen and witness how this Detroit Northern Graduate is impacting the world.

JayFades Art is a catalyst for Community and Youth Engagement

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JayFades is a creative that uses talents as a barber, organizer, model, actor, event planner, and public speaker to develop opportunities. Jay joins Detroit is Different to share how hit Mother’s roots from Honduras intersected with his Father’s family ties to Mack and Bewick giving him an international perspective of one of Detroit’s most historic neighborhoods. Jay shares his journey into entrepreneurship starting at the age of 12 and the ways family and community developed his understanding of the Black community. Today Jay’s barbershop located 17178 Livernois Detroit MI 48221 serves as a Launchpad for creativity, ideas, and community work. Learn about the Better Detroit Youth Project and how his wife’s (Raenita) vision is now part of his life’s work. This is a colorful and philosophical discussion covering the move ‘Us’ as well.

Thornetta & Jam

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Thornetta Davis-Anderson and James Anderson share in love, art, and family. In their interview, they open up about meeting for the first time as ‘the Blackman’ DJ’ed a set. James and Thornetta also discuss where Blues music has taken them together as a couple and how Detroit Blues impacts the world. Thornetta shares how her ‘Honest Woman’ album took 20 years to write and her process of writing songs.

Ron Taylor of Detroit Area Agency on Aging

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Ron Taylor is the new President and CEO of Detroit Area Agency on Aging. For over a year he’s taken the helm of the organization that was run by Paul Bridgewater for years. Ron’s experience in organization, aging, and leadership has taken his travels through Atlanta and now he’s in the original chocolate city of Detroit. In his interview, we discuss his upbringing in Toledo, family, and aging care. We also talk about why so much Funk music was coming out of Dayton? This was a great introduction to Taylor’s understanding of developing relationships and building a team.

Jennifer Harge on expression through motion

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Jennifer Harge expresses thought, emotion, and spirit through the art of dance. Sterling Toles interview Jennifer on how she conveys poignant messages in motion. Jennifer shares her motivations in dance and visions on what’s to come next. This is a very interesting discussion on art, community, dance, society, and culture.

Senghor Reid talking friendship, art and Hip-hop

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Senghor Reid is a visual artist, teacher, father, and close friend of Sterling Toles. Senghor opens up about how Cass Tech, Detroit, and Hip-hop all impact his visual arts. This was a discussion whereas a listener you connect with artists discussing their friendship, process of creativity, and vision.

Thank You, Detroit is Different Festival 2019 was a Success

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The inaugural Detroit is Different Festival was a great success. There are so many people that helped make the festival possible, God Bless you all and next year will be more culture, creativity, and ideas to offer.

Here is a peek into the Detroit is Different Festival 2019.

Thank You, Detroit is Different Festival

Thank you for supporting the inaugural Detroit is Different Festival October 25 – 27, 2019 at the Andy Arts Center 3000 Fenkell Detroit MI 48238

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