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Are you in your Right s(h)elves? Sterling Toles MOCAD Exhibit

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Sterling Toles’s key expression is love. Sterling’s friendships and relationships are built on connecting people to his understanding of love. As a music producer, public speaker (when requested), DJ, and visual artist, Sterling’s works make waves. His current visual art showing at the MOCAD is an exploration of how we identify ourselves through seeking external validation while lacking internal peace. The S(h)elf exhibit is showing in the white house space on the campus of MOCAD. The home welcomes you into the mind of Sterling’s concepts on how we lack connection with others. The lack of connecting with others impacts how we love ourselves and best express who we are. There is a mix of paintings, display pieces, 3-D video work, and abstract interpretations. We discuss in depth how the showing came about and what his inspirations were for this show. Also, learn about his peaceful approach toward creation. 

How the Government is excluding Black Businesses from the Marijuana Industry

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The Marijuana movement is upon America. In my lifetime the taboo and underground world of indulging in Marijuana has now become a business of interest and popular culture.

State and local governments across the United States of America began sanctioning medical marijuana whereas now recreational use is welcome and open to the world. The federal government still classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 drug substance. This creates many banking and taxation challenges on a Federal level. These challenges are exclusionary barriers creating a very low glass ceiling for many Black business people to enter the marijuana industry.

Levels of capitalization, Internal Revenue Service code IRC 280-E, and the State of Michigan (and many others) Metric system all can be logistical nightmares if not executed well.

Greg Frazier CPA (my Father) comes back to Detroit is Different and shares his understanding and knowledge of the barriers in existence and the way to operate out of jail and debt entering the marijuana industry in Michigan. This is an in-depth video covering many of the ideas and concepts associated with accounting that are imperative to run, operate, and have a marijuana business in compliance with the US Government and the State of Michigan.

For more information and inquiries please contact Greg Frazier CPA at or through LinkedIn  

Tennis courts, homework houses, vendors market for women, basketball court, all from Mam Shu’s mind to Avalon Village

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Buy the block is a phrase often spoken. Mama Shu was fulfilling this mission and purpose before the concept was trendy. Avalon street is a community that, in the mid to late 2000s, saw so much more attention and intentionality. During her many journeys, Mama Shu was drawn to the street owning and operating the Black Hole community space in unions and in partnership with others. Avalon started as a property she exclusively believed in and now welcomes tens of thousands annually to s actual space. Learn more of Mama Shu’s background at Kettering HS, Alkebulan Village, Aisha Shule, and even working at the Belle Isle Big Boys. Mama Shu is a staple in her neighborhood and has a can-do spirit to meet and match the creativity, vision, and passions through providing access and opportunity. Mama Shu’s willingness to dream big, think big, and act big has inspired many, many more (like myself) to engage the community. All this is through the lens of two sons tragically murdered, which pushes her through in spirit towards success. 

Men’s Healing Circles are developing holistic strength in our Community with Prostell Thomas

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Mental Health is a buzzword today. The cohesive nature that makes up us all easily forgotten is Mental Health. Mental Health for Black men is genuinely an unspoken condition to heal, deal with, and prosper. Prostell Thomas joins Detroit is Different to open up about how to deliver in this space through the synergy of connecting with others. Learn about his time on Detroit’s historic  North End, Aknartoons, Northern HS Jayhawks, etc. Prostell shares his process of spending mornings with music, technique, and thought to build up his resolve to engage the world. Please find out how he fills his tank to engage with many who feel like no one cares.

Join HEAL: A Community Mental Health Conversation @ Avalon Village on April 24, 2022, 12 pm – 4 pm. Give to the GoFundme drive HEAL: A Mental Health Conversation as well.

How your Detroit business can get access to vendors giving a minimum $500,000 buys is through Buy Detroit … Keyra Cokely’s vision

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If you have a business ready for national and international distribution, Buy Detroit is the event you need. Keyra Cokely of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation had a vision of making the procurement and buy process between large-scale businesses and small Detroit businesses easy. The bonding, insurance, financials, and work are given a process Keyra has made plain for you. She opens up about how her grandfather’s view of plain business inspired this vision. Learn how Keyra’s understanding of fund development and process was groomed from real-life experience and wisdom. Her young age is anchored to the experience of reading everything she has seen working with the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation for years. Buy Detroit is a program that fits the niche for miscommunications and misunderstandings between businesses and industry. Learn how the event in July is only a start to changing the footprint of many Detroit small businesses.

All Things Detroit is when Eastern Market has its the best offering of small business vendors to Pop Up Shop all because Jennyfer Crawford created it

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All Things Detroit is a holiday honoring the event Jennyfer Crawford designed to help small businesses. What began in an apartment now has a partnership with Chase bank, welcomes thousands of buying guests, and sells out vending space for hundreds of vendors in days. All Things Detroit is a cultural experience because it’s an extension of the passion Jennyfer has for Pop-Up shops. Sunday, April 10, 2022, 10 am – 4 pm visit Eastern Market and see what All Things Detroit is all about. Watch the interview with Jennyfer Crawford to see how an idea becomes a plan than a reality. After the passing of Jennyfer’s father, her commitment to the mission and goal strengthened in the storm of the pandemic to keep going. How a woman grew her business that was 85% live events when live events were non-existent is phenomenal. 

A friendship sparked through Mumford HS leads to a great podcast on Sisterhood, Spirit Says

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The Spirit Says podcast is a space and place where we are welcomed into a conversation of two women driven to inspire the minds of young people and follow their spirits. Bria Warmsby & Korey Butler host the Spirit Says podcast. The focus of the podcast is welcoming listeners into the journey of where the Spirit moves Bria and Korey through life. Here meet how the Eastside culture of Detroit impacted both women. Inner City Sub Center, Eastland, Chandler Park, and Alkebu-lan Village are all highlighted in this interview. Connect to the essence of classic Detroit stories and Eastside Detroit culture.

Imari Alaji shares how her experience in African & modern dance empowered her lifestyle to a Business

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As a professional Personal Fitness Trainer, Health/Wellness coach, stretch/yoga instructor, lifestyle+Mommy blogger; I understand that a big part of wellness can be attributed to physical fitness, however, it takes having balance in your Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional health to gain overall complete wellness and self-care.

A large part of self-care commitment is not only doing something “nice” for yourself but making sure we are replenishing all of the care and love we give so freely and effortlessly to our community, children, partners, family, staff, jobs, career, daily.

I have a combined 17 years of experience in health, wellness, and fitness. From following my first love as a professional dancer in world-renowned dance ensembles to training under master yoga instructors, to gaining fitness certifications, to spending years learning massage therapy, crystal healing, and much more. I take pride in knowing multiple angles of how to help incorporate wellness and healing practices for my fellow healers and community. I am passionate about helping people transform the lives of others by showing them how to gain the tools to practice wellness daily, live a happy/healthy, and fulfilled life. I offer custom workout regimes, tailored meal plans, and individualized coaching to help build healthy habits. Best of all, all these healing techniques and practices can be learned and absorbed virtually as well. This means you can fit in your workouts, meditation, and healing sessions with confidence in the comfort of your own home all while achieving the fitness/wellness goals you deserve.

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