Almighty Dreadnaughtz, Big Proof, and a Grand Dad protecting Linwood’s Black Jesus, Supa Emcee Stories

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Battle rapping, performing, break dance, and hip hop culture captured the heart and mind of Supa Emcee as a child. One of the youngest emcees to cipher and freestyle with Proof (RIP & honor) has become a staple in all things Highland Park, MI. Kent ‘Supa Emcee’ Brown has used hip-hop as a gateway through Hollywood, NYC, Atlanta, and every stage rapper’s travel in Detroit. His charisma and presence are signatures and are recognized by any that have witnessed his talents. His music and voice have become part of Detroit’s hip-hop soundtrack. We discuss the Almighty Dreadnaughtz, Iron Fist Record, Proof, also the interesting relationship his grandfather had with Linwood Ave’s Black Jesus. 

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