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Making of Manger on McNichols

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The Story of the album that took a decade to create featuring Jazz, Hip-hop, Soul, Gospel, and Detroit. Boldy James and Sterling Toles masterpiece Manger on McNichols is told in these in-depth interviews. Producer Sterling Toles shares the story of meeting Boldy James and crafting an orchestra arrangement around the heartfelt story of what led him into street life. The Manger on McNichols album is already acknowledged as one of the most dynamic and creative works of 2020. Introduce yourself to the collaborative brotherhood that created this expression of Detroit Life.

Loving music and expressing it in song for Kesswa

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Kesswa is a beautiful songstress that is offering a style of grace and love. Sterling Toles interviews her and has her open up about music, school, and her Nigerian roots. In this introduction, you get a peek into the process of how Kesswa creates and why she creates. Her music is soothing and heartfelt in a time of production filled with bigger & nosier feels. Learn more about one of the blossoming talents from Detroit touching the nation today.

Jennifer Harge on expression through motion

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Jennifer Harge expresses thought, emotion, and spirit through the art of dance. Sterling Toles interview Jennifer on how she conveys poignant messages in motion. Jennifer shares her motivations in dance and visions on what’s to come next. This is a very interesting discussion on art, community, dance, society, and culture.

Senghor Reid talking friendship, art and Hip-hop

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Senghor Reid is a visual artist, teacher, father, and close friend of Sterling Toles. Senghor opens up about how Cass Tech, Detroit, and Hip-hop all impact his visual arts. This was a discussion whereas a listener you connect with artists discussing their friendship, process of creativity, and vision.

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