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Ways Detroiters Fight Against Tax Foreclosure

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Michelle Oberholtzer of the United Community Housing Coalition comes back to Detroit is Different to talk Detroit Homeowner’s rights. Michelle shares how you can contest the tax assessment of your property and many of the injustices that exist within these systems. This was an information-based discussion that should prepare homeowners and inform those interested.

The current tax foreclosure crisis in Detroit stems from changes to state tax laws in 1999, which shortened the foreclosure timeline and created new fees:

Taxpayers now face property tax foreclosure after being delinquent on payments for three years. Taxes that are delinquent for more than one year are charged interest at 1.5% per month, or 18% per year, plus fees. Since 2017, owners of foreclosed homes are banned from purchasing their properties back at auction

Michelle Oberholtzer
(313) 963-3310 |
United Community Housing Coalition
2727 Second Ave #313 | Detroit MI 48201

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