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Anthony Adams and Why he thinks a Black City needs Black Leadership

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Anthony Adams experienced the height of Black excellence in Detroit. The politics, culture, arts, sports, business, law, and style making Detroit an international hub for Black Genius. Adams moved here in 1981 leaving Georgetown Law and soon worked under the Coleman Young administration. Hear all about the planning and development for commercial flights for City Airport, his work with the Mayor Kilpatrick Administration, and Urban Development in private practice. Also learn the catalyst and platform he wants for Detroit. Why Adams thinks race is always an American issue to be addressed head-on and Detroit’s value.

As a bonus in this interview, Anthony Adams describes the brilliance of Coleman Young’s negotiation skills for taxing Non-Resident Detroiters. He also gives the basic linear connection of how the agreed-upon lowering of the tax for more State revenue sharing was a dishonored deal by the State of Michigan. This is how the State of Michigan was in wrong for the Detroit bankruptcy because the State of Michigan owed Detroit MILLIONS of dollars from an unhonored deal of which Kevyn Orr (Jones Day) and Jennifer Granholm never explored. Learn why in this interview from Anthony Adams.

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