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How to create opportunity in Detroit by connecting people to your Purpose with Jonathan Quarles

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Flint MI is a kindred spirit with Detroit. Black pride, community love, and survival beyond industrial America are narratives that bind us together beyond the short distance in travel. Quarles’ upbringing in Flint shaped an understanding for Detroit making him a top appointee to former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in the Michigan Legislature and the City of Detroit. In this interview, we discuss his understanding of business, politics, race, opportunity, and growth. The importance of his historically black college experience and encouragement from FAMU classmates like Chris Shorter has helped ground through today. Listen and learn about how his styles and approach to work and opportunity have blossomed to success in this interview. Quarles speaks on Claud Anderson’s Black Labor White Wealth, opportunity cost, the propensity of Black spending, and other economic analysts of Urban America. This was an introduction into American Business from a Black perspective all entrepreneurs should listen to.

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