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90 years in the Motor City with Miss Annie

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Annie Handy is a good friend of my (Khary Frazier) Aunt Joyce Allen and when we met I was surprised to find a woman that’s 97 years old so social-able. It is humbling to know how much driving, talking, and community work Miss Annie still does today. Her interest in American history and Detroit history is humbling to witness and know she has first-hand accounts for most 20th century Detroit history. This interview begins with her sharing of how her mother was murder when she was a child. Her mother’s murder is a Detroit unsolved mystery that involves the infamous ‘Purple Gang’ and Miss Annie’s Uncle. The interview also explores her career as a nurse, social worker, and education from Hamtramck HS/ Wayne State University. Her career path had her working with Attorneys Ken Cockrel Sr. & Otis Culpepper. She also shares about dealing with a husband struggling with PTSD from WWII while raising her sons. Miss Annie’s life is fascinating and her sharing the stories on Detroit is Different wowed me!

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