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Detroit is Different Festival 2019

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ALL-ACCESS PASS for the Detroit is Different Festival Saturday Night only $50 ($90 of value)

Welcome to a collage of sound, sight, taste, feel, and scent of Detroiters from all walks of life . . . This is the Detroit is Different Festival. Even if you visit Detroit, are from Detroit, or live in Detroit, you never knew all this culture was alive and thriving in Detroit. Detroit is Different is a multi-media house for culture creators who podcast, blog, vlog, and produce art. Over 40 Metro-Detroiters use Detroit is Different as a hub to engage audiences interested in an array of subcultures including but not limited to: Women in Hip-hop; Black (African-American) Comedy; Islamic Social Justice; the Black (African-American) Gay Professional class; the Natural Hair Movement; Lesbian-Trans-Women Social Justice; Women Visual Artists; Artists under the age of 25; and many other groups and circles. These subcultures are the anchors of the Detroit feel that is often summarized as the ‘clique-ish’ culture of the city. The Detroit is Different Festival provides you the rare opportunity to witness, experience, and familiarize yourself with the diverse subcultures that make Detroit DIFFERENT!


How we receive, give, and facilitate Culture in Detroit

Think Tank Discussion (Free Event)

Think tank on the ways artists, promoters, audience, and venue owners offer culture in Detroit Think Tank led by Khary Frazier
Friday, October 25, 2019 6pm – 8pm
The Fenkell Suite

Learn How to Tell Your Story with Today’s Tools

Community Workshop (Free Event)

Workshop on content Storytelling using artists to assist in making podcasts, graphics, vlogs, and photography Workshop led by Khary Frazier
Saturday, October 26, 2019 1pm – 3pm
The Linwood Suite

My Natural Hair Show

Presented by the Hair Goals 313 & the My Natural Hair Podcast

Experience the mix of music, film, fashion, poetry, and beauty at the ‘My Natural Hair Show!’ LaDonna Sims and MarkQuisha StClair of Hair Goals 313 Salon offer an all-natural event showcasing the locs and lifestyles of beauty today.

Poet Joel Fluent Greene hosts this inaugural event. Hip-hop artist Fool Boy Marley will give an epic performance. The showcase will feature modeling of 10 dynamic, creative, vibrant natural hairstyles.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the feel, flair, and fashion of the My Natural Hair Show.

Saturday, October 26, 2019 6pm – 8pm | The Fenkell Suite

What the Text Game Show 

Presented by the Group Text Podcast

Do you know what to text to get what you want? You know what that emoji means? What do you text to the people you love for love? What do you text to the people you hate … when hating?

Join Group Text for the ‘What the Text Game Show. Presented and judged by Group Text the podcast featuring December, JD, Kyshia, and Rob P.

Saturday, October 26, 2019 6pm – 8pm
The Linwood Suite

I’m Scared of Detroit Comedy Show 2019

Presented by Detroit is Different & the Josh Adams Podcast

Enjoy comedy that Detroit loves and the world fears. Comedian Coco from Detroit morning drive for years and currently on 910AM will be featured with Detroit’s other drivetime comedy legend Foolish, the man of all the voices Martini Harris, and Jason Jamerson. Hosted by Josh Adams of the Josh Adams Podcast and Showtime at the Apollo. Comedian Jason Jamerson will also perform on the show. Find out if you’re SCARED OF DETROIT!

Saturday, October 26, 2019 8pm – 10pm | The Fenkell Suite

I’m the Rapper, She’s the DJ

Presented by We Found Hip-hop & the Piper Carter Podcast

Experience the talent, skill, and entertainment of All-Woman Hip-hop. The Piper Carter Podcast and We Found Hip-hop offer you the chance to witness something that to many is rare, Women in Hip-hop. The culture is brought to life with art and talent from women who anchor the style. Ideeyah headlines this show with her blend of rap, soul, and pop that is unique.

Saturday, October 26, 2019 8pm – 10pm | The Linwood Suite

5’2 or Fine Too 2000’s Party

Presented by the Unicorns are Real Podcast

The 2000’s Party you want to attend. The Unicorns are Real Podcast will take you back to Tall Tees and Jersey dresses. Erin and Asia will host a ‘You Got Served’ style dance competition for the party too. Enjoy the sounds from a series of DJ’s too. Don’t miss this event!

Hosted by Erin Palmore and Asia Dobbins
Saturday, October 26, 2019 10pm – 2am | The Fenkell Suite

Detroit is Different & Detroit is Different After Dark

Podcasting Live Event (Free Event)
Sunday, October 27, 2019 2pm – 7pm
The Linwood Suite & The Fenkell Suite

Idlewild: Black Eden Today

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Idlewild is a town that was established and maintained by a rich history of African American commitment and love. The town’s prominence as ‘Black Eden’ came to life in an America with explicit segregation where the African American affluent sought out a place to vacation and enjoy Summer on the water. Today families from Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and Milwaukee carry the tradition of keeping the town together.

There is a strong tie from Idlewild to Detroit and poet Tawana ‘Honeycomb’ Petty and Susan Matous provided access for Detroit is Different to interview some of the artists, residents, and business owners keeping Idlewild moving. This is a special Detroit is Different featuring Idlewild.

Interviews included are from 4th generation Idlewild homeowners, artists who perform at Idlewild, business owners who operate businesses in the town, and also visitors who love the Idlewild.

Listen to interviews from:

Elizabeth Atkins, Judge Chris Blount, Blair Evans, Linda McClure, Cedric McDougle, Nikki Studstill, Tony Watts, and One Single Rose (Rose Wilson)

V Stylez making Detroit different

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V Stylez is one of the most known Hip-hop acts from Detroit in Europe. Germany, Japan, France, and Spain have been moving along to the rhythms and lyrics of the V Stylez sound for years. The enthusiast of combat sports, his Fenkell neighborhood, and DePorres HS grad is also a stateman in Black history. The V in V Stylez carries the tradition of the Vessey tradition (Google Denmark Vessey and discover much of the make-up of the ways our constitution was designed). The manner Rev. Daniel Aldridge (Detroit is Different interview 2019) carries the historic family legacy stories of his Aunt Dorthy Height, V Stylez carries the family tradition for Denmark Vessey. This was a fun interview and very interesting. Explore the ways hip-hop, history, and society all intersect. Detroit is Different because of V Stylez.

V Stylez on Detroit is Different

V Stylez is one of the most known Hip-hop acts from Detroit in Europe. Germany, Japan, France, and Spain have been moving along to the rhythms and lyrics of …

Source Booksellers 30 years of Non-Fiction

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30 years of Business is an accomplishment that deserves recognition. The Source Booksellers began with interest from many readers in the books Janet Webster Jones was reading. “People were always asking me about the books I was reading, where they could buy them, and this led me to start …,” Janet Webster Jones. Today the Mother and daughter bond between Janet Webster Jones and Alyson Turner is shared in business, love, and reading.

Source Booksellers: 30yrs is Non-Fiction

30 years of Business is an accomplishment that deserves recognition. The Source Booksellers began with interest from many readers in the books Janet Webster …

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