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‘a Lot of Studio’ inaugural year will provide a mix of live podcasting and performance that will capture hearts and minds. The podcasts and performances are categorized from the premise of the Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles of Kwanzaa).  The themes of each show and performance are the ways Detroit is Different creators welcome you!

Thursday Evenings 5PM – 9PM
Thursday, June 10 – Thursday, August 26, 2021
* (Rain Delay dates are Thursday, September 3 and Thursday, September 10)

June 10 Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) hosted by Khary Frazier
Podcast: Gardening in Detroit featuring Feedom Freedom Gardens Monique & Mama Myrtle, Malik Yakini & Sherrie Smith
Performance: Mollywop (Reggae, Funk, Hip-hop)

June 17 Nia (Purpose for Detroiters)  hosted by Khary Frazier
Podcast: Detroiters Bill of Rights featuring Councilmember Raquel Castaneda-Lopez, Tawana Honeycomb Petty, & John Sloan
Performance: Luther ‘Bad Man’ Keith (Blues)

June 24 Umoja (Unity of Black Men & Women) hosted by LaDonna Sims
Podcast: Black Men’s Natural Hair featuring Bryce Detroit & Jason Jamerson
Performance: Alex Way (R & B)

July 1 Kuumba (Creativity of Detroit Culture) hosted by Josh Adams
Podcast: Detroit Movies Tristin Fazekas & Mic Larry hosted
Performance: Josh Adams (Urban Comedy)

July 8 Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) hosted by Piper Carter
Podcast: Detroit Content Creators Orlando Bailey & Marnese Jackson
Performance: Alex White Experience (Instrumental Soul)

July 15 Nia (Purpose for Black Women) hosted by Piper Carter
Podcast: Detroit Artists featuring Escada, Halima Afi Cassells, & Sterling Toles
Performance: Maraj Vistuoso (Modern Classical)

July 22 Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) hosted by Josh Adams
Podcast: Detroit Food Vicki of Big Ma’s Coney Cart & Quiana of Cooking with Que
Performance: Sowande Keita (African Drumming)

July 29 Nia (Purpose for Black People) hosted by Josh Adams
Podcast: Detroit Beauty with the Queen of Body Sculpting
Performance: Terri Shu (Neo Soul & Rock)

August 5 Kuumba (Creativity of Detroit Culture) hosted by Piper Carter
Podcast: Detroit Fashion featuring Ashley Nicole of Melt Fit & Kool Ade of AYV
Performance: Gayelynn McKiney (Jazz)

August 12 Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility of Community)hosted by Audra Carson
Podcast: Detroit Community with Audra Carson
Performance: Ayana Love (Alternative Hip-hop)

August 19 Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics in the Black Community)hosted by Khary Frazier
Podcast: Growing a Black Business featuring Ken Haris & Jennyfer Crawford
Performance: J Bell & PEACE (Comedy & Poetry)

August 26 Imani (Faith & Spirit of Black Voices)hosted by Khary Frazier & Piper Carter
Podcast: Black Media featuring Coco & JoAnn Watson
Performance: Coco (Urban Comedy)

What began as a journey engaging hip-hop audiences, has grown into a career as a marketing consultant. As business people have seen my work, I was propositioned many times to provide graphic design, photography, videography, event planning, website development, and social media campaigning. These initial business contracts inspired me to build Creative Differences Marketing. I’ve balanced my entrepreneurial experience with formal education from Walsh College of Business and Accountancy. My degree in Marketing serves me well in understanding many of the formal, universal, and theoretical marketing approaches used in corporate environments.Formulating this business model has been anchored by the success of my BLOG ‘Detroit is Different.’ I create all content for Detroit is Different. This serves as a prototype of the ways I can design events, websites, graphics, music, podcasts, social media campaigns, and e-mail campaigns. ‘Detroit is Different’ focuses on the people and places of Detroit that add to the culture. Through these people and places, themes are driven. These themes will partner with, sponsor, and advertise for businesses and organizations using this innovative multilevel marketing approach.